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SANWEI Target National Table Tennis Rubber Review

SANWEI Target National Table Tennis Rubber Review

A few months ago, I received a rubber product from SANWEI company. I hadn’t tried the Target series until then. Later, the Spanish league started in September, so I flew from China to Spain. I brought this rubber with me, planning to test it during training. Actually, SANWEI’s Target series became popular a while back, but most people purchased the provisional version then. This time, I got the National Version.

I first came across SANWEI’s Target during my college years, around 2014-15. At that time, I spontaneously purchased a provincial Target. I remember spending 8 USD on it. It was 40 degrees, had red packaging, and featured a pure yellow high-density sponge. The overall performance was just so-so. Due to its lack of distinct features, I replaced it after using it for a while. Surprisingly, in recent years, SANWEI company has consistently improved. The current National Target is much better than the provincial team version I had before. I’ll provide a detailed introduction based on my evaluation in this review.

SANWEI Target National Table Tennis Rubber Review


SANWEI Target National Overall Review

In fact, as introduced in our previous blogs, the current table tennis rubbers on the market are divided into Chinese tacky rubber and European rubber. However, there is a new type of rubber that combines the advantages of both, known as Hybrid rubber. This type of rubber not only possesses the spin capabilities of Chinese rubber but also has a good speed.

Dawei company was one of the pioneers in developing Hybrid rubber, as mentioned in our previous blogs.

Speaking of Hybrid rubber, many might be familiar with the well-known Dignics 09C. In fact, Sanwei company’s first-generation Target rubber hit the market a whole 5 years before Butterfly D09C. Over the years, this rubber has developed into one of the most stable and cost-effective Hybrid rubbers I’ve ever used. It offers a balanced and stable performance in terms of speed, spin, and control. It is especially suitable for beginners or amateur players.

Who is it for?

The SANWEI Target National is well-suited for most amateur players and beginners, offering good speed and spin, along with stable performance. It provides excellent assistance for general attacking players and control-oriented players alike.

Particularly suitable for players who prefer a versatile playing style, such as those who engage in quick exchanges between forehand and backhand, or those who focus on attacking near the table.

This rubber represents a high cost-performance ratio, making it a great alternative to the Butterfly D09C. It proves to be an ideal choice for those seeking a well-balanced and affordable rubber option that caters to various playing styles and skill levels.

Spokesperson of SANWEI Target National

The SANWEI National Target is endorsed by Gavin Rumgay, the champion of the All England Championship. Being favored by European champion players, this rubber set surely possesses outstanding qualities.

Gavin Rumgay


This new rubber comes in silver packaging, departing from the previous blue-themed Target series style. The earlier packaging predominantly featured blue, possibly to highlight the blue sponge. Currently, this rubber’s design is more minimalistic, with a more unified color scheme, not as vibrant as the previous one.

The actual weight after removing the film is 64.9 grams, which is not heavy. This provides great flexibility in choosing a blade for pairing.

Personally, I prefer the current design. I’ve applied this rubber to a CLCR blade for evaluation. This an all-wood blade often provides a genuine reflection of the rubber’s inherent performance in many situations.

Speed Performance

The National Target rubber set is user-friendly, making it a good choice for players with moderate skills. It works well for gentle hits in forehand play, offering good control, clear direction, and decent bounce without needing extra glue.

With a moderate amount of force, it easily goes through the sponge, providing a solid feel in attacking shots, strong power, quick ball speed, and a distinctive metallic sound. It doesn’t require high power from the player.

For powerful strikes, the hits are sharp and forceful, creating full arcs with strong force. It allows for excellent consistency and a high success rate in offensive plays.

The overall hardness of the rubber is slightly higher than the traditional DHS Hurricane 3, so when hitting the ball, you’ll notice a significant increase in speed. This is one of its main characteristics.

SANWEI Target National Table Tennis Rubber Review

Spin Performance

The Sanwei Target National rubber stands out with its decent stickiness on the surface, providing excellent ball control. Whether it’s a gentle touch or light friction, the rubber maintains a reliable grip, ensuring stable friction during play.

In looping shots, the characteristics of the rubber become evident as the ball lingers on the paddle for an extended period. This allows me to generate a powerful spin and achieve a distinctive downward arc in their shots. I like to use it for loop rallies and generate tons of spin.

During forceful shots and loops, the rubber exhibits a formidable jet-like force, with noticeable sponge support. In this aspect, it is much, much better than the traditional Hurricane 3. This results in high-quality looping shots, and the medium to long-range sponge contributes substantial bottom power.

When facing spinny shots, the Sanwei National Target rubber has a great performance in neutralizing the opponent’s spin. It combines excellent speed and spin capabilities, making it efficient for both lifting shots and aggressive attacks with minimal effort.

I feel like the SANWEI Target National is almost on par with the Butterfly D09C in terms of speed and spin. It might be slightly inferior in absolute speed, but it surpasses the D09C significantly in spin generation.

SANWEI Target National Table Tennis Rubber Review

Control Performance

The Sanwei Target National stands out for its excellent forgiveness, and the sticky surface not only generates powerful spin but also allows precise control over the ball, especially in handling small shots.

In the close-to-the-table play, the rubber demonstrates a clear advantage, providing a solid feel without any springiness for delicate shots. It performs well whether executing short or long shots, showcasing its versatility in different playing situations.

Moreover, the rubber offers various serving techniques, allowing for flexibility and ease of use. I find it easy to control the trajectory, spin, and landing spot of the served ball, contributing to a comfortable experience when receiving serves.

Defend Performance

In terms of defense, I find the performance of the Sanwei Target National to be quite average. The overall rubber is relatively hard, making passive blocks relatively easy. It feels similar to the Butterfly D09C, where applying a bit of force is usually enough to block the ball. However, there may be some difficulty in precise control of the landing point at times. Positive blocks are a bit lacking, and it’s essential to be cautious since a slightly stronger hit might cause the ball to go out, requiring control over the appropriate force.

As for forehand chops, it’s challenging to consistently control the shots. During the testing period, I primarily used defensive techniques such as chopping, short-pipping, and hanging. After nearly 20 hours of testing, the rubber surface showed signs of oxidation. In summary, this rubber is more suitable for active attacking play and may not be the best choice for chopping players.


The Sanwei Target National is a versatile and well-balanced rubber that proves to be effective when used with the new generation 40+ table tennis balls. Its all-around performance makes it suitable for a wide range of playing styles and preferences.

One of its standout features is the tacky surface, which significantly improves spin generation and ball control. This characteristic has made it particularly popular among table tennis fans in China.

The rubber is equipped with a German Inner Energy sponge, eliminating the need for excessive gluing. This not only simplifies the preparation process but also enhances the overall performance by increasing the ball speed and offensive power. The combination of the tacky surface and the Inner Energy sponge makes the Sanwei Target National a reliable choice for players who prioritize spin and offensive play.

To maximize its potential, it is recommended to pair the Sanwei Target National with a slightly harder 7-ply all-wood or fiber blade. This combination ensures that the rubber complements the blade’s strengths, providing players with an effective and well-rounded setup for their table tennis games. Whether choosing an all-wood or fiber blade, both options are considered excellent choices, offering players the flexibility to tailor their equipment to their playing style and preferences.


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