I am a semi-professional table tennis player.

I have played for almost 20 years in professional leagues in both China and Europe. This is my personal blog and I would like to share with you everything I know about table tennis, including table tennis techniques, various brands, equipemnt reviews etc. Let’s start now!

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Yinhe Mercury 2 Review—The Cheapest Rubber

Last year, while I was still playing in the Spanish league, I wanted to find an affordable and somewhat softer rubber for my…

Top 10 Best All Wood Table Tennis Blades

As a defensive player, the vast majority of blades that I have used throughout my professional career have been all-wood blades. Some of…

5 Ply vs 7 Ply Table Tennis Blade—Difference & Recommendations

A few days ago, while I was training, one of my students asked me a question: "Coach, what's the difference between a 5…

SANWEI Parla Table Tennis Blade Review

A few days ago, I did a review of the Sanwei Echo. In fact, Sanwei Sports has recently launched two classic all-wood blades,…

Welcome to Xinyu’s table tennis blog. Here I share with you latest article about table tennis equipment and techniques to improve your performance

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