I am a semi-professional table tennis player.

I have played for almost 20 years in professional leagues in both China and Europe. This is my personal blog and I would like to share with you everything I know about table tennis, including table tennis techniques, various brands, equipemnt reviews etc. Let’s start now!

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Review of Friendship 729 729-2 Sensor—New 729-2

When it comes to Friendship 729 and Friendship 729-2, people familiar with the history of table tennis in China will express their nostalgia.…

Why Do Table Tennis Players Bounce the Ball Before Serving?

I don't know if you have noticed, but when we watch table tennis matches, we often see table tennis players constantly bouncing the…

Top 6 Best Defensive Table Tennis Blade—For Superior Defensive Play

As a player with a defensive playstyle, many people are curious about my blade. Defensive playstyle is not as popular as offensive playstyle,…

Yinhe Apollo 5 Table Tennis Rubber Review: A Combination of DHS Hurricane 3 and T05

The table tennis rubbers produced by Yinhe Company are well-known among table tennis players. The company has produced many classic Chinese-made blades and…

Welcome to Xinyu’s table tennis blog. Here I share with you latest article about table tennis equipment and techniques to improve your performance

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