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How to block in table tennis?

Blocking is one technique used by players to return shots, yet it can be difficult to master. With a successful block, the ball is sent back with almost no spin and at an angle that makes it challenging for the opponent to return it. While blocking takes years of practice and experience, it’s an effective technique that any player can.

Can a table tennis robot help you improve?

In recent years, table tennis robots have become increasingly popular among ping-pong enthusiasts of all abilities. These high-tech machines can shoot balls at a variety of speeds and spin rates, allowing players to practice their strokes against a consistent opponent. But can a table tennis robot really help you improve your game? Generally speaking, a table tennis robot can definitely.

What is Tomokazu Harimoto famous for?

If you are a table tennis fan, you must have heard of Harimoto. Tomokazu Harimoto, a Japanese table tennis player, is currently ranked number 3 in the world by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). Harimoto began playing table tennis at the age of four and was selected for the Japanese National Team at the age of eleven. In 2013,.

The secret of Topspin Forehand in Table Tennis

Hitting a topspin forehand in table tennis requires a great deal of skill and practice. The topspin forehand is a powerful shot that can be used to keep your opponents on their toes. Most beginners learn table tennis from topspin forehand as it’s the foundation of all the ping pong techniques. However, many beginners are confused with how to hit.

12 Best Long Pips Rubbers: Reviews and Recommendations

Do you want to dominate your opponents with long pips? If so, then you need to read this blog post! We will select the best long pips rubbers on the market for both beginners and experienced players. As we have mentioned in the previous blog, one of the most significant advantages of long pimple rubbers is their ability to create unpredictable bounce. The short, sharp pips.

Butterfly 70th anniversary blade

Butterfly is one of the most well-known table tennis brands in the world, and the company has been around for over 70 years. To celebrate this milestone, Butterfly released a limited edition blade called the Effort and we also call it Butterfly 70th anniversary blade. Butterfly 70th anniversary is significant not only because it is a souvenir of the company's.

The most detailed Killerspin Jet 800 paddle Review

We have introduced two premade ping pong rackets, Stiga Raptor and Stiga Pro Carbon, in our previous blogs. In this blog, we shall talk about a new premade racket, Killerspin jet 800. Killerspin Jet 800 is a high-performance table tennis paddle that is perfect for serious players who want to take their game to the next level. The paddle is.

Stiga Raptor Vs Pro Carbon|Pros & Cons?

Stiga has produced many classic table tennis blades, such as Stiga Pro Carbon, Stiga Rosewood NCT V, Stiga Evolution, Stiga Ebenholz NCT VII, etc, which we have introduced before. I am not sure if you have ever heard of Stiga Raptor. "Stiga Raptor vs Pro Carbon" is often mentioned by people on forums as they are both premade rackets, just.

The most detailed Butterfly Rozena Rubber Review

Butterfly Company is one of the most popular table tennis rubbers available on the market. Its popularity is due in large part to its excellent all-around performance. Butterfly Rozena, released in 2017, is designed for attacking players who need a rubber that can generate a lot of spin without sacrificing speed or control. It is widely acknowledged that Butterfly Rozena.

Butterfly Primorac Carbon Review-Fastest Blade in History?

Butterfly Primorac Carbon is a classic 3+2( 5-layer) structure blade. Loads of fans say that it served as a must for those violent players. Primorac, one of the European Big Threes, used this blade to win the World Cup twice. And Werner Schlager also used it for several years in his career. The history of this blade is about 30.

Butterfly Lin Yun Ju Super ZLC Review

The blade that we are going to test today is a new product launched by Butterfly Company on 3.1,2021 - Lin Yun Ju Super ZLC. According to Butterfly's official promotion: The blade woven with Carbon and ZL fiber at high density can bring a strong impact. A wide high repulsion area provides players with high power of hitting balls and.

The Best Nittaku Basaltec Inner Review

Nittaku Basaltec Inner is the blade launched by Nitaku Company in 2014, but it is manufactured in Germany.In fact, Nittaku has lanched three basalt blades: Nittaku Basaltec Outer, Nittaku Basaltec Inner, Nittaku Holz Sieben. The prices of these three high-end rackets have made loads of fans shocked. What makes Nittaku have such confidence in selling such expensive? What is it.

Andro Rasanter R47 vs R48 vs R53 Review

Today we are going to bring you a comparison of the three rubbers, Andro Rasanter R47, R48, and R53.  According to the official introduction, all RASANTER series rubbers are based on the same top technology but have a finely graded hardness range in terms of control. Ambitious players targeting different skill levels can benefit from the cutting-edge technology of the.

Butterfly Innerforce layer alc.s Review

Have you heard Butterfly Innerforce layer alc.s? Butterfly Company has been famous for its outer carbon fiber blades, which have been sought after by fans from all over the world, including the most popular Zhang Jike series and Timo Boll series, which are typical outer carbon blades. But both Zhang Jike and Timo Boll are not as popular as in.

Stiga Xu Xin Dynasty Carbon Review|Best Penhold Blade?

The Carbon Dynasty is a masterpiece developed by Stiga in recent years, and Stiga Xu Xin Dynasty Carbon is also a recently-released classic penhold blade jointly developed by Stiga and Xu Xin. Like the Rosewood NCT series or Ebenholz NCT series launched in previous years, Stiga is always able to launch some highlight blades at some important moment. Carbon Dynasty.

Butterfly Liu Shiwen ZLF Review|Best blade for girls

Butterfly Liu Shiwen ZLF is a world-renowned table tennis blade. which has been used by some of the greatest players in the world, including Liu Shiwen herself. The blade is known for its exceptional speed and control, making it a favorite among competitive players. It is also popular among recreational players for its forgiving nature. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned.

Zhang Jike ZLC vs Zhang Jike Super ZLC

A few years ago, Zhang Jike won the Grand Slam, thus he has become super topical and influential both in China and the world. Butterfly took this opportunity to launch the Zhang Jike series, such as Zhang Jike super ZLC, ZLC, ALC, and other high-end blades. As one of the most aggressive ones, Zhang Jike Super ZLC represents the ultimate.

Best Butterfly Dignics 09c Review

Butterfly company's non-tacky rubber enjoys great numbers of fans all over the world. Although the price is high, its excellent performance has gained great popularity in the world. On April 1, 2020, Butterfly Company launched the first high-end professional tacky rubber, which can be described as making history. Dignics 09C is the high-end tacky inverted rubber released by Butterfly Company.

Butterfly Timo Boll ALC vs Timo Boll Spirit

Butterfly company has always been well known for its outer carbon blades, which have been sought after by fans from all over the world. The most popular ones, such as the Zhang Jike series and Timo Boll series, have become essential equipment for loads of both amateur players and professional players. I believe that some of you must have used.

Xiom Icecream AZX Blade Review(In-depth)

Xiom Icecream AZX is a table tennis blade developed by XIOM Company for its contracted player Jeoung Young Sik of South Korea. It adopts a two-sided fiber heterogeneous structure design and was launched in December 2018. It is one of the few double-sided heterogeneous blades on the market. Previously, most of the heterogeneous blades were not very successful. The so-called.

Victas Koki Niwa Carbon vs Koki Niwa Wood

Victas Koki Niwa Wood and Koki Niwa Carbon are two blades related to Koki Niwa produced by Victas Company. It's quite rare to see a company design two types of blades for one player among those table tennis players in the world. It can also be noticed how much Victas Company attaches importance to Koki Niwa. It is said that.

Butterfly Dignics 05 Review

There are two most classic rubber series produced by Butterfly Company, namely Tenergy series and Dignics series. People have been debating which one is better between tenergy 05 or dignics 05. In this blog, we will cover the comparison between these two classic products of Butterfly Company. A quick glance at Dignics 05 In fact, Tenergy 05 is more capable.

Stiga Cybershape-A New Blade Leading the Fashion

Should the ping pong blade be the traditional round shape? Since the 1880s, table tennis blades have been basically the same shape. But Stiga has released a hexagonal blade in 2021, called Stiga Cybershape. Its launch has subverted everyone's inherent cognition of rackets, and it has also attracted many fans to try it. From the moment Sweden's Moregardh used this.

Victas v 15 extra in-depth review

In this blog, we will bring you a new rubber, Victas V 15 Extra. According to the official promotion, "It is a rubber that can be faced with the spinny ball from the opponent with confidence. The rubber has great control and you could drive or pool the ball easily. This is due to the excellent elasticity of the rubber. The.

Butterfly Lin Gaoyuan Super ZLC VS Lin Gaoyuan ZLC

At the beginning of September 2020, the Butterfly Company announced the launch of the Lin Gaoyuan Super ZLC quite suddenly without any promotion. This is Butterfly's fourth Super series blade after Jun Mizutani Super ZLC, Zhang Jike Super ALC, and Harimoto Innerforce Super ZLC. Now the super series set has welcomed another new member. How does this blade really perform?.

The Best Stiga Ebenholz NCT VII Review

In previous blogs, we have covered some of the classic pure wood blades such as the Maze Advance, Stiga Rosewood series, and many others. Loads of readers have asked me to do a review of the Stiga Ebenholz NCT VII, which is also a classic from Stiga. As we all know, the Swedish company has always been known for its.

Butterfly Viscaria Old VS New Version

When it comes to the best table tennis blade currently on the market, perhaps W968 and Viscaria may come into the mind of most people. Butterfly Viscaria, it is no exaggeration to say that it is the most topical blade. Due to its excellent performance and good reputation, it is extremely popular in the table tennis community. Viscaria and W968.

The Butterfly Aibiss Review—Most Cost-Effective Tacky Rubber?

The Butterfly Company is a world-renowned table tennis equipment manufacturer. Most of its rubbers are high-end non-tacky ones. A brand-new bouncy and tacky rubber, D09C, was released by Butterfly on April 1, 2020. It feels like the Butterfly Company wants to open up new markets in tacky rubbers now. On July 1st, another new sticky rubber Aibiss, was released and.

Joola XYLO 7–The most cost-effecitve blade for beginners

Joola XYLO 7, also referred to as JoolaX7 for short, is a pure wood table tennis blade launched by the Joola company. We have introduced many classic blades in our previous blog, such as w968, Stiga carbon pro, etc. But these blades all have a common disadvantage, that is, they are not friendly to beginners. So today we will introduce.

Tibhar Evolution MX-P Review(In-depth)

Tibhar Evolution MX-P is a masterpiece of the evolution series and is also currently one of the most well-known and widely used rubbers in the world. Players often compare it with butterfly's tenergy series or Dignics series. In China, most of the national team players will choose the DHS Hurricane series. However, players from Europe or other countries in the.

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