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Mastering the Game: How to Play Against Long Pips in Table Tennis

Facing off against an opponent with long pips in table tennis can feel like you're trying to solve a complex puzzle. It's a unique challenge that requires a shift in your usual strategy. There are a lot of times that my friends or teammates ask me: How to play against long pips players in the game? As someone who is.

How to Play Against Choppers in Table Tennis: Essential Tips & Tactics

Facing a chopper in table tennis can feel like battling a brick wall. Their defensive playstyle, returning every ball with heavy backspin, can quickly turn the tide of the game. I believe that most of the articles you usually read online are written by offensive players, and it's rare to have a chopper personally explain in detail how to defeat.

Table Tennis Rules: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Many beginners are not very clear about the rules of table tennis, so I think it's necessary to publish an article to explain the rules of the game. In fact, the rules of table tennis are established by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), and the various rules are not set in stone. The ITTF has made several significant changes.

What is the Difference Between Long Pips and Short Pips in Table Tennis?

As a table tennis player who uses long pimpled rubber, many parents have asked me whether their child is suitable for playing with long pimples. Or they feel that playing with traditional inverted rubber on both sides seems to be less competitive than their peers, and wonder whether they should consider switching to a rubber with pips. At the same.

What is the Difference between Table Tennis and Ping Pong

Table Tennis vs Ping Pong: Understanding the Key Differences When discussing table tennis and ping pong, a common misconception is that they're the same sport. In essence, both sports involve similar equipment — a table, a net, paddles, and a lightweight ball. However, table tennis and ping pong have diverged in terms of competitive sensibility, rules, and playing style. I.

SANWEI Target National Table Tennis Rubber Review

A few months ago, I received a rubber product from SANWEI company. I hadn't tried the Target series until then. Later, the Spanish league started in September, so I flew from China to Spain. I brought this rubber with me, planning to test it during training. Actually, SANWEI's Target series became popular a while back, but most people purchased the.

What is the Difference between Chinese Rubber and European Rubber?

For a table tennis player, the most crucial element is the "weapon" in their hands—the table tennis racket. The table tennis racket is composed of a blade and rubber, and only when these two components are matched reasonably can the maximum effectiveness be achieved. There are many brands and types of ping pong rubber, and currently, there may be hundreds.

Yinhe Mercury 2 Review—The Cheapest Rubber

Last year, while I was still playing in the Spanish league, I wanted to find an affordable and somewhat softer rubber for my new Dr. Neubauer Barricade Def blade. So, while browsing an online store, I stumbled upon the Yinhe Mercury 2 rubber, which was only 5 euros, including shipping. Without much thought, I placed an order due to the.

Top 10 Best All Wood Table Tennis Blades

As a defensive player, the vast majority of blades that I have used throughout my professional career have been all-wood blades. Some of these blades were 5e-ply all-wood, while others were 7-ply all-wood constructions. In my previous articles, I provided a detailed introduction and comparison between 5-ply and 7-ply all-wood blades, along with some recommendations. In fact, for the majority.

5 Ply vs 7 Ply Table Tennis Blade—Difference & Recommendations

A few days ago, while I was training, one of my students asked me a question: "Coach, what's the difference between a 5 ply blade and a 7 ply blade?" A child nearby chimed in, "Isn't it simple? One is thinner, and the other is thicker." Everyone laughed after hearing that, but the child wasn't entirely wrong. However, this question.

SANWEI Parla Table Tennis Blade Review

A few days ago, I did a review of the Sanwei Echo. In fact, Sanwei Sports has recently launched two classic all-wood blades, the other one being the Sanwei Parla. Both of these are part of the Trio series. One of the blades has 5 plies and the other has 7 plies. Actually, I really like both of these blades,.

SANWEI Gear Hyper Review—Best Alternative to DHS Hurricane 3?

A few weeks ago, Sanwei Company sent me some table tennis equipment for doing reviews, and one particular rubber, Gear Hyper, caught my attention. I had heard about the Sanwei Gear Hyper rubber before, but the price of 40 euros was a bit expensive for me, so I didn't buy it when I was in Spain. Now, I finally have.

Loki Rxton 3 Review—A Great Pink Table Tennis Rubber

A few days ago, after receiving a new blade, I was considering what rubber to pair with it. I opened an online shopping website and browsed through to see which rubber options I hadn't tried yet. That's when I came across Loki Rxton. Honestly, I had never heard of this rubber before, but most of the reviews seemed positive, and.

How to Clean Table Tennis Rubber: A Comprehensive Guide

For table tennis enthusiasts, table tennis rubber and rackets are their best friends. It is not uncommon for some players to spend hundreds of dollars on a set of equipment. Some excellent rubbers, such as the Butterfly Tenergy 05 and DHS Hurricane 3 National Version, cost over $100 each. So how should we clean and maintain these expensive rubbers? Let's.

In-depth Review of Dawei Saviga V (Zhou XinTong Version)

I've always been interested in the various long-pips rubbers on the market, and I'll buy and try them whenever I hear about a good one. Recently, coloured rubbers became a trend in table tennis. Seeing my teammates switch to blue and green rubbers, I wanted to try one myself. I've tried the green Tibhar Grass D.TecS long-pips before, and it.

In-Depth Review of SANWEI Echo Table Tennis Blade

A few days ago, I received several blades and rubbers sent to me by SANWEI Sports. I have never used Sanwei's products before, so I am full of curiosity this time. The first one I tried was the newly launched all-wood blade Echo from Sanwei. According to the description on Sanwei's official website, the Sanwei Echo is a part of.

Top 12 best ping pong brands(Butterfly, Donic, Joola, and more)

For table tennis players, whether they are beginners or professional ones, it is common to buy table tennis blades and rubber sheets. As a result, I often receive a range of questions, such as which are the best ping pong brands? What are the unique characteristics of Chinese rubbers? Are Japanese blades superior, or are German blades better? These are.

Review of Friendship 729 729-2 Sensor—New 729-2

When it comes to Friendship 729 and Friendship 729-2, people familiar with the history of table tennis in China will express their nostalgia. 729 is a brand of table tennis equipment that has contributed to the development of the sport in China. It has provided great support to numerous famous Chinese table tennis players who have reached the pinnacle of.

Why Do Table Tennis Players Bounce the Ball Before Serving?

I don't know if you have noticed, but when we watch table tennis matches, we often see table tennis players constantly bouncing the ball on the table before serving. Some people who don't play table tennis may wonder why these players have such a habit. This action may seem like a simple routine, but it serves several purposes that can.

Top 6 Best Defensive Table Tennis Blade—For Superior Defensive Play

As a player with a defensive playstyle, many people are curious about my blade. Defensive playstyle is not as popular as offensive playstyle, so people are quite interested in it. Some players even want to switch to a defensive style and add long or short pips to their blades to learn blocking or chopping. So sometimes, they may ask me.

Yinhe Apollo 5 Table Tennis Rubber Review: A Combination of DHS Hurricane 3 and T05

The table tennis rubbers produced by Yinhe Company are well-known among table tennis players. The company has produced many classic Chinese-made blades and rubber sheets over the years. The Yinhe rubber is particularly noteworthy for its high cost-performance ratio and excellent feel. Yinhe Apollo 5 is a budget-friendly rubber with quite great performance, making it a popular choice for players.

Andro Rasant Table Tennis Rubber Review: A Perfect Combination of Technology and Performance

Table tennis players of all levels know that choosing the right rubber for their paddle can significantly impact their performance. Andro, a German-based table tennis equipment manufacturer, has produced high-quality rubbers for decades. Among their most popular rubbers is the Andro Rasant series, which perfectly combines speed, spin, and control. When it was first released, the bright green sponge of.

Yasaka Rising Dragon Review—A Hybrid Rubber of Speed and Spin

Before discussing Yasaka Rising Dragon, I want to explain some basic ideas about table tennis rubbers. There are many types of table tennis rubbers on the market, which can be roughly divided into Chinese, Japanese, and German rubbers (European rubbers). Each of these rubbers has its own characteristics. For example, Chinese and Japanese rubbers are known for their tackiness, which.

The Perfect Storm: DHS Hurricane 8 Table Tennis Rubber Review

DHS Hurricane 8 was first released in 2015, which was designed to work well with the 40+ plastic ball. In fact, 2015 was a momentous year in the history of Chinese table tennis. It marked the end of the era of the "Two Wangs and One Ma" (Wang Hao, Wang Liqin, and Ma Lin) and the emergence of a new.

Top 30 Best Table Tennis Rubbers—There is always one that fits you

If you're a serious table tennis player, you know that choosing the right equipment is essential to your success on the court. One of the most critical pieces of equipment is to find the best table tennis rubbers for us. In fact, the problem is that there are so many table tennis rubber brands and types available that we often.

How to Play Backhand Push in Table Tennis?-Super Tutorial

The backhand push is one of the four basic shots in table tennis, along with the forehand drive, the backhand drive, and the forehand push. These shots form the foundation of a player's overall game and are essential for developing a solid, well-rounded playing style. You can click the link to reference the basic skill we introduced in our previous.

How to Play Chop in Table Tennis—Perspective from A Chopper

Chop is a defensive shot in table tennis that defensive players widely use. It's an advanced skill and also a different play style. Unlike drives or pushes that every player has to learn and practice every day, the chop is a more advanced technique that only a few players will master. Only when pros have solid basic skills and excellent.

How to Play A Forehand Push in Table Tennis—3 Advacned Tips

The forehand push is one of the basic skills in table tennis. Forehand push and backhand push are usually taught after the player has learned the basic forehand and backhand drives. These four skills are considered fundamental techniques in table tennis and form the basis for most other shots and strategies in the game. Thus, it's super important to master.