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The most all-around DHS hurricane 3 review

DHS hurricane 3

DHS Hurricane 3 is the most popular and best-sold rubber in China. But many foreigners are not familiar with it, and there are few reviews about it on the Internet. Is hurricane 3 good? Can beginners use it? Can professional players use it? In this blog, we shall cover all the information about it.

Note: DHS has released a new rubber in the Hurricane series–DHS Hurricane 8. This rubber is the upgraded version of DHS Hurricane 3. You can click the link to read our latest review of this rubber and know the difference between Hurricane 8 and Hurricane 3.

About DHS company

DHS, whose complete name is Double Happiness, is one of the few sports brands with huge international influence in China.

In 1959, Rong Guotuan won the men’s singles championship at the 25th World Table Tennis Championships. It was a historic moment as he was the first world champion born in the People’s Republic of China.

In 1961, Beijing won the right to host the 26th World Table Tennis Championships. After that, it became the dream of the Chinese to “use Chinese equipment in international events held in China”.

In the same year, a full set of table tennis equipment that meets international standards, including tables, competition balls, and referee equipment, was designed in Shanghai and certified and approved by the International Table Tennis Federation.

The belief of “top competitions” and “top athletes” have run through the entire process since the birth of Double Happiness. Since 1959, the 12 World Table Tennis Championships have designated Double Happiness as the event equipment supplier.

Double Happiness includes almost all major table tennis events: the World Championships, the World Cup, and the Olympic Games. At the same time, the ITTF and major intercontinental table tennis events all use DHS table tennis tables or table tennis balls as event equipment.

DHS hurricane 3

All about DHS hurricane 3:

Hurricane 3 is a kind of inverted rubber made by Double Happiness Company. It features high viscosity, a thick sponge, and it’s easy to control the ball. Hurricane is known for its superior speed and spin performance, and it’s suitable for forehand loop attacks. That’s why we list it as one of our top 30 best table tennis rubbers. You can click the link to make a reference.

The tacky rubber and aggressive brush strokes always generate unmatched spin on loops, making it difficult for the opponent to return it. This rubber is the most widely used among players in China.

Feature of DHS hurricane 3:

Speed 8.6/10:

Speed is not an advantage of Hurricane 3. When many European athletes use it for the first time, they often complain that the speed is slow, much slower than the rubber they used before, making them a little uncomfortable.

Compared with rubbers like butterfly tenergy 05, the speed of Hurricane 3 is indeed slightly inferior. But many foreign athletes don’t know which version of Hurricane 3 they bought.

In fact, the speed of the version used by the Chinese national team is not much worse; otherwise why almost all Chinese athletes have a Hurricane 3. Note that you should buy the national version, by the way, it’s the most expensive.

Spin 9.5/10:

Spin is the biggest advantage of Hurricane 3. Due to the thick sponge of the rubber, when the rubber hit the ball, it can fully rub the ball and generate a strong spin. Especially when dealing with backspin, whether you push it or drive it with backhand or forehand, it can pose a great threat to the opponent.

Control 9.2/10:

In order to resolve the problem brought by the impact of the 40mm large ball, hurricane 3 is specially developed for athletes who mainly control the ball or exert relatively little force.

It can reduce the feeling of heaviness when exerting force, and obtain a longer arc, which is conducive to the control of the ball. No matter whether the athlete plays in short middle court or even backcourt, the tacky rubber allows you to place the ball in the proper place.

DHS hurricane 3 neo

Thickness 9.3/10 :

Hurricane 3 has two types of sponge thicknesses, 2.15mm and 2.2mm. The 2.15mm thick sponge originated from the need for professional players for gluing. The 2.15mm is an accessory for professional players to pour glue or oil.

The overall thickness of the racket and sponge is limited in international competitions, which cannot exceed 4 mm. While Hurricane 3 has a tower-like particle structure, the sponge is 2.2 mm thick. After filling with glue or swelling oil many times, then using inorganic glue to paste makes the overall thickness exceed the limit. 

This is why the 2.15 one reduces the thickness of the sponge by 0.05 mm. But many amateur players like to follow and imitate. Actually, if they don’t fill in glue or oil, it doesn’t make much difference. However, once the sponge is expanded, the 2.15mm thick Hurricane 3 will have greater elasticity.

Thus, amateur players should choose the rubber that suits them according to their strength and whether they are filled with glue or oil.

Hardness 9.2/10:

There are many choices of sponge hardness in Hurricane 3, and there are 38, 39, 40, 41, and 42. For amateur players, the best one is absolutely 39 degrees. If it is 40 degrees, it is difficult for our amateur players to control it well.

Personally speaking, I have always been using 39 degrees, but once I changed it to a 40, and found it super hard. The worst thing was that it was difficult to control the ball, so I finally changed it back. Therefore, the 39 degrees of Hurricane 3 is suitable for the general public. Above 40 is suitable for players with great strength or those very professional players.

Pros of DHS hurricane 3:

  • Is friendly for both beginners and players with good game techniques.
  • Playing with a strong brush can produce amazing spin on loops. The rubber has great spin and control.
  • The price is acceptable for most people. If we check it on Amazon, it only costs around 17 dollars. Compared with butterfly tenergy 05, it can satisfy the need of the majority of players.

Cons of DHS hurricane 3:

  • There are too many types of DHS Hurricane series. Many foreign athletes do not know much when choosing, and it is easy to buy the wrong one. In the next section, we will give an introduction to this.
  • As we mentioned above, the performance of Hurricane 3 is not very satisfactory in terms of speed. Players can use the blade with a carbon layer, such as stiga carbon pro, to compensate for this deficiency.

Types of DHS Hurricane 3

  • ordinary version
  • Provincial version
  • National version

According to the different objects, Hurricane 3 can be divided into ordinary, provincial, and national versions. From the name, we can tell that the ordinary version is for the public, while the provincial and national ones are specially customized for the provincial and national teams.

Most of what we can see on the market are ordinary versions because the real Hurricane 3 for the Chinese national team is not easily available. The national version is the most expensive and, of course, the best to use. Its sponge has the highest precision and the softest feel when playing, which can maximize performance.

  • ordinary version
  • Neo version

Double Happiness Company launched the NEO version of Hurricane 3 after 2008 in response to the change of the rule that only inorganic glue can be used in international competitions.

The biggest feature of NEO Hurricane 3 is that it has a layer of primer. The sponge has been filled with glue before leaving the factory. There is a certain glue-filling effect when using it. The ball control is better and suitable for playing on the short court.

So if you are a professional player and you need to use inorganic glue in the game, you can choose the NEO version of Hurricane 3, which saves the trouble of filling glue.

DHS hurricane 3 neo
  • orange sponge version
  • Blue sponge version

The blue sponge is harder than the orange sponge, and the orange sponge is relatively softer. With the development of table tennis technology, the sponge hardness tends to decrease in order to obtain a more sufficient ball-holding feeling.

In the case of hitting the ball with the same power, the high hardness advantage of the blue sponge will appear to be faster than the orange sponge. The blue sponge itself presents a kind of brittleness. Although the hardness is not low, it does not feel difficult to penetrate the blade, and the arc is relatively straight, which will give the opponent a stronger sense of oppression.

It should be noted that the ordinary version of Hurricane 3 does not have a blue sponge. Only the provincial and national versions have a blue sponge and orange sponge versions.

DHS hurricane 3


Hurricanes 3 can produce a characteristic low arcing ball as a tacky rubber. For those players who are crazy about driving, loop, or even topspin, hurricane 3 is an ideal choice.

It’s friendly for both beginners and pro ones. In China. all the national team players use hurricane 3 as their forehand rubbers.

The only thing to note is that you must have a clear idea of which version are you going to use before purchasing and confirm with the seller before placing an order.

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