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Is Butterfly Tenergy 05 worth buying?The most All-Around review

tenergy 05

Butterfly tenergy 05 is a table tennis rubber produced in the year 2008. At first, it was invented to compensate for the new rule released by ITTF, which no longer allowed the use of speed glue.

Until now, almost 15 years have passed, but T05 continues to be one of the most popular rubbers among players. Even some world-known players like Tim Boll or Joo sae hyuk use it.

So in this blog, we will give an all-around review of tenergy 05 and cover the reasons why it is pursued by both amateur and pro players.

Actually, Butterfly has issued 4 types of rubbers in Tenery series:

  • Tenergy 05
  • Tenergy 19
  • Tenergy 64
  • Tenergy 80

Overview about butterfly tenergy 05

In the first place, we shall have a look at the price. If we put Butterfly tenergy 05 in Amazon, it will show that the price is about 80 dollars, more or less, depending on the country.

Honestly speaking, it’s a little expensive for many people, or at least, over their budget. So why does it sell at such a high price? Is it really worth it? Let’s have a look.

tenergy 05 players
tenergy series players



Speed 9.8/10:

As we mentioned, to compensate for the new rule, Butterfly paid lots of effort on accelerating the ball speed. A new spring sponge tech has been applied.

It means that there are more compressed air bubbles so the rubber has excellent flexibility and elasticity. It imparts great power when it hits the ball like a spring, which allows you to perform a punch or smash powerfully.

In fact, it is almost the fastest rubber in the market. Maybe only butterfly Bryce speed FX or T80 is more rapid.


Spin 9.5/10: 

Tenergy 05 has unique high tension rubber and a tacky surface so it is easy to impart a great deal of spin on the ball, no matter topspin or backspin.

For those beginners or intermediate players who want to improve their loop skill and consistency, T05 is a great choice. It performs best among tenergy series, significantly better than tenergy 80.

What’s more, great spin means that players have advantages in serves that can kill their opponents in the first round.

Control 8.8/10:

As great speed and spin is a prominent feature of T05 and it also offers us reasonable control. For those new players, we suggest that not playing with a really high speed as you may struggle controlling the ball due to the spring given by the sponge technology.

But for those intermediate players, the rubber allows them to return the ball precisely both in direction and distance. So that’s why so many profesionally players like it as it has a really good mis of speed, spin as well as control.

Thickness 9/10:

As we mentioned in our previous blog about how to select rubber, a common sense is that the most critical two parameters of rubber are thickness and hardness.

Butterfly Tenergy 05 has a thickness of 1.7, 1.9, and 2.1. T05 2.1 is the most powerful one with the highest speed and strongest spin, but the problem is that it’s also harder to control.

The players should have a great skill that can use it very well. And the rubber with 1.7 has the slightest spin as the ball hits the rubber and leaves the rubber quickly.

But I have to say, the performance of the rubber also depends on the blade, so a good combination of both blade and rubber determines it.

tenergy 05 Japan
T05 Japnese version

Hardness 9.3/10:

There are two other rubbers and tenergy 05 but with a little difference in hardness, butterfly tenergy 05 FX and tenergy 05 Hard. We can tell from the name that T05 FX is slightly softer while T05 is harder.

Butterfly Tenergy 05 FX:

Despite the fact that tenergy 05 is almost a perfect one, still many amateur players find it hard to control the ball well. Them tenrgy 05 FX might suitable for you.

As the rubber is softer, it can give you less spin and makes it easier to control. And it’s about 3% to 5% lighter than the regular type. The only bad thing is the durability of soft rubber is not so good. So it might not as durable as the normal or hard version.

Butterfly Tenergy 05 Hard:

The hard one generates more spin and returns the ball with more amazing speed. The hard rubber gives players a stiffer feel.

But the weight also increases a little bit. Anyway, like loads of pro players, Tim Boll just uses tenergy 05 hard because speed and spin have always been the key to getting the victory for those offensive players.

Pros of tenergy 05:

  • Super strong spin and fantastic speed. A perfect weapon for players who play loads of loops or blocks.
  • It boosts consistency. Those offensive players must be consistent because almost no one can kill the opponent within seconds. So the consistency, to some degree, is more important than speed and spin.

Cons of tenergy 05:

  • A little bit expensive. As one of the most pricy rubbers in the market, 80 dollars is sufficient to buy some decent blades. For many people, it is far over the budget. However, if you really want to improve the skill from intermediate to a professional one, I can tell you that the price is worth it.
  • The limited control. Well, to some degree, speed and control is kind of controversy. We can only reach a balance between them instead of getting great speed and control simultaneously. So the limited control is not friendly for beginners, especially those just learn from zero.
tenergy 05

Tenergy 05 VS Tenergy 80 VS Tenergy 64

Many players cannot decide and tell the difference among T05, T80, and T64. Well, in the fisrt place, T05 is the king of spin and it has a high throw angle. And T80 has an outstanding balance between speed and spin.

And T64 has greater control but less spin than both T05 and T80 as the pimples of T64 is higher. So, T05 is ideal for the forehand and has excellent power on slow or medium strokes. T80 has the greatest bouncier and is great for playing spinless balls.

Also, it´s more controlled in mid-power shots, on average. Finally, T64 is more welcomed by players using it with backhand or do some chopping. For some less offensive players, T64 might be an ideal choice as it also performs more stable than T05 in blocking.


Personally speaking, butterfly tenergy 05 has given me the best experience, even I am a defensive player. I tend to use my forehand to attack while chopping with backhand. So I strongly recommend it to all of you. Even after 15 years, it remains the best-sold rubbers in the market.

However, the biggest problem is the price. When I bought it, I can recall that I was a college student and accumulated the money for 3 months! Luckily, at that time, I didn’t have girlfriend hahaha. Well, if you got enough budget, tenergy 05 will not let you down.

It deserves all the praise and hype in the table tennis community!

2 Responses

    1. Basically speaking, the Butterfly T05 is a faster, spin-oriented rubber best suited for advanced players, while the Butterfly D09C is a more control-focused, slower rubber suitable for a wider range of skill levels. T05 is super fast that some players without enough level might find it hard to control. For the D09C review, you could click the link to make a reference here.

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