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All need to know about long pips in this blog

long pips dawei

How many kinds of ping pong rubbers are there? So many people are confused by this question.

According to Wikipedia, there are usually four types of table tennis rubbers: short pips, long pips, antispin and inverted.

The word “pip” usually refers to raised bumps on top of the rubber. As we can see from the picture, “long pips” gets its name from the form, the pips are longer than the short ones.

long pips
Long pips

What is long pips in table tennis?

Many beginners are still confused, what on earth is long pips? What are the characteristics? Why loads of people are fond of it? Well, here I am not going to give really technical and professional explanation.

I will just talk about it in plain English as well as make a comparison so that you can understand it and choose the proper one for yourself.

Because you should have a really clear idea about every type of ping-pong rubber so that you can choose the right one that fit your play style.

long pips and short pips
long pips and short pips

Long pips vs Inverted rubbers

Long pips in table tennis, also called long pimples, are totally distinct from the inverted rubbers in some aspects.

The major one is their act to spin. The performance of long pips to actively generate spin is kind of poor. It mainly depends on the strong spin of the incoming ball to increase the spin of the returning ball.

That is because the pips contact the ball within the rather low surface area and this means the spin comes in, and then just goes out.

So normally, a block with long pips can generate heavy backspin or even no spin, because it depends on the spin of your opponent. If your opponent plays backspin and you bend it heavily, which means you are reducing the spin not increasing it.

So your returning ball will be topspin. While if your opponent plays topspin, you brush it with your long pips and send it in another direction, this time, it will change the spin into a backspin.

When it comes to inverted rubber, the ball with spin “digs into” the inverted spin and then is launched upwards. Because the pips are inside of the foam and with a rather thicker sponge, it can absorb the ball very well.

As we mentioned in our previous blog How to choose a great table tennis blade for beginners, the performance of inverted rubber is mainly decied by the thickness and hardness of the rubber.

Unlike the strange spin that the long pips will generate, the rules of inverted rubbers can be grasped easily so that is why we recommend that beginners should learn from inverted ones.

The spin will remain the same when you do block or do some attack.

The pros and cons of long pips

Pros of long pips:

  • Advantage at receiving serves. Many players are not good at serves or receiving serves. They can’t tell well the spin of the ball and it leads to losing the match.  However, when players use long pips to return serves, they don’t need to consider it at all. They can even take almost every serve with their long pips, no matter it’s long or short, fast or slow, in the backhand area or forehand area.

  • More choices. Many long pips players use pimples on their backhand and a inverted rubber on thier forehand. They can use their long pips to block, to chop or brush it. At the same time, they can use inverted one to attack. The thing is that many good players use long pips to creat some mistakes for their opponents, like generate some high balls and afterwards, they use their inverted rubber to kill the match. So they can become both defensive and offensive. That makes their opponents feel uncomfortable.

Cons of long pips:

  • Cannot accelerate the ball with long pips. The biggest problem of long pips is that it fails to make the ball go faster. So when you encounter some players who are really good at attacking, they can have sufficient time to prepare for their attack, which may makes you play in a passive way.

  • Cannot generate spin. Despite the fact that the spin generated by long pips are kind of strange sometimes, the bad thing is that it really depends on the coming ball of your opponents. Long pips itself cannot generate strong spin as inverted rubbers, so this leads to the next problem.

  • Once your opponent is used to your long pips or your styles, it’s really really easy for them to get the victory. The can make use of it and attack rather comfortablely. So in some matches, we can see that long pips players win the first 2 sets because their opponents don’t know their style well. But later, the opponents are accustomed with it, there is always a remarkable turnaround. So what long pips players always do is to twiddle or twirl to make changes, so that their opponents cannot be used to it such easily.

What kinds of players can use long pips?

  • Defensive players or those who want more control. Some long pips hitters or blockers play in this way as they ignore the spin and can easily control the ball well. They could change the rhythm of the game and win the match.

  • Chop players. For those chop players, many of them use long pips or short pips to do backhand chopping. It’s more stable and the spin becomes stronger and stronger with chopping.A great example is Korean table tennis player Joo Sae-hyuk. He performances amazingly with long pips in his matches.
long pips player Joe
Long pips player Joo


So overall, long pips are really cheating in spin and those players usually win the game by relying on their opponents making mistakes. So that’s why they are sometimes called junk players.

They can have more control of the ball and generate different types of spin. So some defensive players choose this style.

While inverted rubbers are more offensive and can generate strong spin. Normally it’s more stable suitable for players with a fast attack style.

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