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The most all-around Dawei 338d 1 long pips reviews

dawei 338d

In our previous blog, we already got some basic knowledge about long pips. It features REVERSING the spin when it returns the oncoming ball and confuses the opponents. As a long pip chopper, I have used more than 20 long pips rubbers with different brands and styles in the past 18 years.

So in this blog, I would like to cover an all-around review of the Dawei 388d 1 long pips that are most used in China.

We list Dawei 338d-1 as one of the 12 best long pips rubber and you can click and read our Top12 long pips rubber.

long pips

Dawei 338d 1 long pips — Most popular long pips in China

Dawei is a Chinese rubber manufacturer that was established in 1998 and based in Tianjin. Dawei 388d-1 was first produced in 2000. Like DHS hurricane 3, it has already become the most popular and classic long pips rubber in China over the last 20 years.

dawei 338d

Features of Dawei 338d 1 long pips

Speed 9.4/10:

Unlike inverted rubbers, the speed is not the strength of long pips. But long pimples can do attack as long as the players adjust the angle properly to block or even smash.

As an improved version of 338d, 338d-1 can generate stronger spin and faster-returning ball with new tech. But I suggest that you should choose the rubbers with the sponge and you could do attacking long push or loop strokes more easily.

So when it was released in 2000, 338d-1 was reputed to be the best attacking long pips in the world.

Spin 9.5/10:

Strange and deceptive spin is the biggest characteristic of 338d-1. The skinny and grippy pips allow players to swing fast and block the oncoming topspin ball.

The most important part is to bend the pimples so the ball will fall down rapidly that making your opponent miss it. So that’s why many long pips users always change the rhythm in the match and their opponents cannot be accustomed to it.

Also, the reversing spin is absolutely a headache problem for your opponents. Once they can’t tell the spin well, the ball may go high and you can kill the match easily.

Control 9.5/10:

Control is also a great strength of 338d-1. As we all know, in some high-level and semi-professional games, long pips players cannot win the match only reply on deceptive and reversing spin.

Because their opponents have enough experience and can’t be fooled easily. So long pips users have to change the placement of the ball and the rhythm of the match. By changing the angle or stroke slightly, the returning ball can have great variation.

So sometimes the ball is floating; sometimes it is without effect; sometimes I return it with a long push and sometimes I just place the ball near the net to make my opponents play passively. And what I usually do is when the ball is a little bit tall, I change into inverted rubbers and attack back.

long pips table tennis

Pros of Dawei 338d-1:

  • Extremely cheap. Like other Chinese rubbers, Dawei 338d-1 is absolutely the cheapest one among all brands of long pips. If we check the price on Aliexpress, we can find the price is only 2.86 euros! Really astonishing, right? If you are used to spending dozens of dollars or euros on buying table tennis equipment, 338d-1 for you is almost free. The only bad thing is that it may take several weeks to deliver it if you buy it on Aliexpress. Anyway, I only start to try other brands like Donic or Butterfly after I have a job because 338d-1 is really really CHEAP!
  • There are many choices. There are different thicknesses of sponge that range from 0.5mm to 1.5mm and even OX(without sponge). Normally speaking, the thicker the sponge is, the more aggressive it will be. That means if you wanna attack more, you could choose the one with a 1.5mm sponge. But if you hope to generate more strange spin and floating balls, you could even choose OX. Only be careful that OX is really special and more difficult to control well. I spend months being used to it because without a sponge, it would be no longer soft and the ball maybe bounces back directly after hitting the racket. So I have to adjust the strength and make the ball stay on the paddle much longer time. By the way, if you wanna make the rubber softer, you could put the long pips in the oil and after several hours take it out. You can find that the pips become larger and softer after absorbing the oil.
  • Being approved by ITTF. There are many small brands and manufacturers whose rubbers or blades are not approved by ITTF. It means you can only use it for fun or play in your neighborhood. But when it comes to the formal tournaments, it is a must to choose a rubber approved by ITTF. Dawei 338d-1 is on the list so we don’t need to worry about it. Many Chinese national team players also use it so, of course, we can use it in matches too.
  • Great control. The most important thing for being a chopper or defensive player is consistency and reducing mistakes. 338d-1 allows us to do consistent block or backhand chop. Well, personally I don’t use long pips as my forehand and it’s really common to do so in the table tennis community.

Cons of Dawei 338d-1:

  • There are lots of fake ones in the supermarket. Some players complain that when they practice with offensive players, the pips on the rubber may fall down easily. But that is not the case if they use the real one. If you are not a professional player, 338d-1 allows you to use at least 2 years or even longer. So if you find some rubbers are too cheap, then you should be careful.
  • Not available in some countries. Well, there are fewer people using long pips than inverted rubbers. So 338d-1 is not available on Amazon. People outside China can only find some B2C sellers or purchase them on Aliexpress. But as we said, it usually takes a longer time. But it really worth waiting if you are not urgent.


In this blog, we have talked about the most successful long pips rubber in China, Dawei 338d-1. Overall, it is suitable for those players who wanna do more attacks in the match with long pips and is the most cost-effective one in the market. No matter you are a beginner or a pro of long pips, 338d-1 will be an ideal weapon for you.

(To be continued)

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