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12 Best Long Pips Rubbers: Reviews and Recommendations

best long pips rubber

Do you want to dominate your opponents with long pips? If so, then you need to read this blog post! We will select the best long pips rubbers on the market for both beginners and experienced players.

As we have mentioned in the previous blog, one of the most significant advantages of long pimple rubbers is their ability to create unpredictable bounce.

The short, sharp pips disrupt the airflow around the ball, causing it to bounce erratically when it hits the table. This can be extremely confusing for opponents who are used to the more predictable bounce of inverted rubbers.

By the way, we have also made a review of the best short pips rubber. You can click the link here to check out the 12 best short pips rubbers.

In this blog, we will cover the 12 best long pips rubber for attacking, blocking, chopping, and spin reversal.

Best long pips for attacking

1. Dawei 338D-1

We have made an in-depth review of Dawei 338D-1 in our previous blog. Personally, this is my favorite long pips rubber and it is widely used in China just as DHS Hurricane or W968. One key benefit is that it not only provides more spin than traditional short pips rubbers but also offers excellent control thanks to its softer sponge. This makes it a great choice for players who want to maintain precision and accuracy when playing. It was the first long pips rubber in history and was used by many professional players in China such as Zhou Xintong.

dawei 338d


  • A great choice for attacking. Dawei 338D-1 is a good all-around rubber that can be used for both offensive and defensive play.
  • Super Cheap. A piece of rubber only cost 3 to 5 dollars normally.


  • The durability is not so great sometimes. But it depends on how you maintain it.

Overall Rating:

  • Speed—6.3
  • Spin—5.6
  • Control—8.1


2.Dawei 388D-1 Quattro Allround

Dawei 338D-1 Quattro is an updated version of 338d-1 also launched by Dawei Company. Many fans may ask: what does Quattro mean? Dawei’s Quattro is a special, high-performance rubber that gives you the feeling of speed glue without actually using any.

The result is more power, more control, and more speed, all without the hassle of having to apply and remove speed glue each time you play. The sponge is softer than most, which provides more effects on both first and second speeds.

Of course, we have to notice that the price of this rubber is much more expensive than its previous version 338d-1 as it is a high-quality long pimpled rubber offering excellent control for service returning, chopping, blocking, etc.

With better overall performance than 338d-1, maybe 20 or 10 years ago Dawei 33d-1 was the best choice for attacking, but today I have to say 338d-1 Quattro is the best long pips for attacking!

Best Long Pips Rubbers


  • It is almost a perfect weapon for all kinds of long pips players, no matter whether you like using it to attack, block, chop or return serves.


  • Quite expensive

Overall Rating:

  • Speed—8.5
  • Spin—6.0
  • Control—8.2


3. Dawei Saviga V

Saviga is another classical product launched by Dawei Company. The new frictionless surface of Saviga V allows for more attacking possibilities while still providing good overall disturbing properties.

It has a super great antispin attribute so you will have more confidence when receiving the serves. When it comes to attacking, the rubber has great performance in generating spiny and wobbling balls so that it’s quite deceptive for others.

As a result, the ball becomes more difficult to control for your opponents, especially when they are trying to counterattack.

Best Long Pips Rubbers


  • Great ability in generating spin and anti-spin.


  • The speed is not so great. Sometimes I feel the ball go slower than Dawei 338d-1.

Overall Rating:

  • Speed—7.5
  • Spin—7.5
  • Control—9.0


2. Best long pips for blocking

1. Tibhar Grass D.TecS

At the first sight of this name, I felt a little bit funny and difficult to understand why it was called in this way. Later after checking, I knew that this long pips rubber got its name as its waving of the ball is just like waving the grass. The Tibhar Grass series has been developed in consultation with two World Champions – Vladimir Samsonov and Joo Se Hyuk.

It combines good speed with enormous control thanks to its very soft 38°hardness sponge which leads to an unprecedented feeling at impact. You will master all possible strokes with this rubber: light topspins close to the table as well as chops from half-distance.

Especially, it is a great choice for defensive play as the soft rubber can absorb the impact of the incoming ball and can return the topspin ball to a really heavy backspin ball. However, its control and attack ability is not as great as the Chinese rubbers above.

Many European players consider it the best long pips rubber for blocking and defending.

You can click the link to read the latest review of Tibhar Grass D.TecS.

Best Long Pips Rubbers


  • The smooth and soft rubber enables players to defend quite solidly. The ball waves unpredictably making it hard for the opponent to send the ball back with precision.


  • Players will find it struggling to do counterattacks with it and sometimes the control is not that great.

Overall Rating:

  • Speed—9.7
  • Spin—9.7
  • Control—6.0


2. Yinhe 955

Just like Dawei, Yinhe is a Chinese rubber manufacturer and has a long history of over 35 years. Yinhe’s 955 long pimple is a versatile rubber that excels in chop blocks and provides good control.

Actually, I notice that many players are fond of its OX version(which means that there is no sponge) as the ball becomes more deceptive after chopping or blocking. The rubber has great control and the ball has a low arc after being blocked back.

Like Dawei 338d-1, this long pip rubber also has gained great popularity in China. Yinhe 955 is super light among those long pip rubbers and has really nice performance in chop blocking. The rubber also is insensitive to the super impactful incoming ball.

Best Long Pips Rubbers


  • Has great antispin attribute and well-balanced control performance.
  • The defense is really safe and it’s an ideal weapon for defensive players.


  • The rubber can’t generate spinny balls especially can’t produce lots of backspins.
  • The speed is not as great as Dawei 339d-1 so it’s not proper to use it to attack.

Overall Rating:

  • Speed—5.3
  • Spin—5.0
  • Control—7.5



TSP Curl P-1R soft has been used by many famous table tennis players such as Joo Se-Hyuk, Seo Hyowon, and so on. This is a classical long pips rubber with the longest and softest pimples. The rubber has a soft sponge and a special “curl” design that helps to produce spin reversal when the ball hits the racket.

This makes it very difficult for opponents to attack. It can be both used for chopping away from table or blocking close to the table. What’s more, after being blocked back, the ball becomes extremely grippy with heavy backspin. The rubber provides excellent control and spin reversal, which is really enjoyable for defensive players.

Best Long Pips Rubbers


  • Well balanced with massive spin and decent control.
  • The wobbling balls make it deceptive for opponents and it’s a great choice for blocking.


  • The rubber has a really low speed compared with other long pips rubbers and it cannot be used to attack.

Overall Rating:

  • Speed—5.5
  • Spin—5.7
  • Control—8.4


3. Best long pips for chopping


1. Butterfly Feint Long 2

Butterfly has always been well-known for its inverted rubber and inner carbon blades. But actually few people know that Butterfly also has several classic long pips rubbers.

This rubber has been liked and used by many quite famous professional choppers such as Panagiotis Gionis, Joo Se-Hyuk, and so on. The pimples are really long but are approved by ITTF so it can generate heavy backspin while chopping. The biggest feature is its consistency and stability.

The great variation of spins makes it difficult for opponents to read your shots, and the increased spin potential gives you an advantage when rallies get going. Even now a great number of choppers are using this Feint Long II.

Best Long Pips Rubbers


  • The rubber has great variation and is really stable while chopping.
  • Choppers can also use it to counterattack.


  • The sponge is really thin that some beginners need more time to adapt to it.

Overall Rating:

  • Speed—5.2
  • Spin—6.7
  • Control—8.2



TPS Curl P-4 chop is an updated version of Curl P-1 and the latest version of TSP Curl P series. This rubber was developed by the TSP company with the help of a highly respected Japanese chopping player, Mr. Koji Matsushita.

Curl P-4 features its specially formulated soft sponge, which allows for amazing amounts of control while still maintaining the ability to hit strong attack shots. Overall speaking, the placement and control are more accurate than Curl P-1 the reversal spin is also amazing.

Curl chop has a well round performance and it’s much easier to let your opponents make more stupid mistakes with grippy and deceptive balls. This is a rubber aimed at those choppers with more stability in pushes and attacking but not losing variation.

So if you are a chopper, may be this is the best long pips rubber for you.

Best Long Pips Rubbers


  • Similar to Butterfly Feint Long 2, Curl P-4 also can be used for both choppings at a mid-distance or a counterattack.


  • The soft sponge cannot deliver impactful balls with great speed.

Overall Rating:

  • Speed—4.8
  • Spin—6.3
  • Control—8.9


3. Butterfly Feint Long 3

Apart from Butterfly Feint Long 2, Feint Long 3 is also a great long pips rubber for chopping. Feint 3 can provide you with unmatched control and its flexibility allows players to generate different kinds of spins. Many fans may ask: what is the difference between Feint Long 2 & long 3?

Well, Feint long 2 can be used for counterattack and it can generate some fast shots. But Feint long 3 is more suitable for defensive players who attack little. The speed is not as fast as long 2. But if you pursue a stable and consistent chopping in the game, then it’s quite a great choice.

Both two rubbers can transform the ball from topspin to a really heavy backspin to cause more mistakes for the opponents. But as we can see, Joo chose Long 2 in his career because he did quite lots of counterattacks in games.

Best Long Pips Rubbers


  • Butterfly Feint Long 3 can help choppers do stable and consistent chopping and the balls with heavy backspin will make opponents make more mistakes.


  • It’s not proper for passive blockers nor for counterattacks. The speed of this rubber sheet is rather slow.

Overall Rating:

  • Speed—4.5
  • Spin—7.0
  • Control—8.6


4. Best long pips for spin reversal


1. Donic Spike P1

Donic is also well known for its inverted rubbers but actually, its Spike series is also a great success. The rubber can provide reversal in spin and the ribbed top surface can generate extremely heavy spiny balls. Spike P1 is developed with the help of Wang Xi, a great defender with TTC Fulda-Maberzell. What I like most about this rubber is that it allows me to do blocks close to the table. Combined with my chopping, it can change the rhythm of the game and make my opponents struggle to be used to it. Currently, I am using Spike P1 with a classical pure wood blade, CLCR.

Best Long Pips Rubbers


  • The soft sponge can provide solid defense close to the table and generate heavy backspin. It’s an ideal weapon for those defenders.


  • It takes time to be used to chop with it at a far distance. Chopping at a mid-distance is awesome but when chopping much farther from the table, it cannot be chopped hard, otherwise, the ball may be out.

Overall Rating:

  • Speed—4.5
  • Spin—5.0
  • Control—7.2



755 is a classical long pips rubber produced by the Chinese Friendship Company. Over the past 20 years, it has been regarded as the best long pips rubber for spin reversal. Friendship, Double Happiness, and Dawei are the three most famous and popular ping pong equipment manufacturers in China. 755 is widely known because it served as the weapon of world champion, Deng Yapin.

This rubber gets its name “Mystery” for the reason that it has great reversal spin and the balls are wobbled. It is not only super deceptive but also can be used to counterattack close to the table. If you have watched the match of Deng Yapin, you can realize that she attacks quite a lot with this rubber. Also, the price of it is quite reasonable, just like Dawei 338d-1.

Best Long Pips Rubbers


  • This is a well-around long pips rubber that can be used for both blocking and attacking. The reversal spin is quite deceptive for the opponents.


  • The sponge is a little bit hard and players have to be careful when blocking.

Overall Rating:

  • Speed—6.5
  • Spin—5.4
  • Control—8.8


3. Xiom Vega LPO

This is a newly released long pips rubber by XIOM company. I suppose many fans have never heard about it. A cutting-edge technology called Hyper Elasto generation TENSOR has been applied to this rubber, making it not only has great control but also great performance in antispin.

As we all know, some players like to fill oil into the pimples to make them softer, but it is illegal. The biggest characteristic of Xiom Vega LPO is its pimples are quite soft and can reverse no matter what kinds of strong spins.

Also, a large touch area between the rubber and the ball, as well as the special dynamic of the rubber, makes LPO a great choice for long pips players. Don’t worry, this rubber is approved by ITTF.

This may be the best long pips rubber for players who like soft and large pimples.

Best Long Pips Rubbers


  • It has a great anti-spin attribute and quite fast speed. It can get almost full marks in every aspect.


  • LPO may not be a good choice for beginners.

Overall Rating:

  • Speed—9.6
  • Spin—9.6
  • Control—9.8



If you’re looking to up your game with some long pips rubbers, the most important thing is that you have to consider your playstyle. Strictly speaking, there is not a so-called “best” long pips rubber. The one that is most suitable for you is the best.

You can also ask your coach or practice partner for their opinion. And the best way to choose long pips rubbers is to experiment with different types and see what works best for you.

What is your best long pips rubber? Please leave a comment below!

18 Responses

  1. All these low aspect ratio rubbers on ITTF LARC are utterly useless in the 40+ plastic ball era.

    The only decent high aspect ratio super long pips I hhave played with is Magic 77+ made in China. I am not sure who makes this but I think it is Dawei.

    You should put this rubber on the same blade you are using with yourcurrent low aspect ratio rubber on ITTF LARC and play against the same set of loopers and do a comparison test. You will see what I am talking about. The difference is night and day.
    Magic 77+ is the best available all around long pips for the 40+ era. The spin reversal is so much higher than any current low aspect ratio rubber on ITTF LARC. You can also block & hit well with this rubber. I only wish they made a chopping version with higher pip density and with pip top rubber little rougher
    Avalox Mo & Mo Wang iii are decent blocking type high aspect ratio super long pips.

    I strongly urge all pips players out there to burn your current low aspect ratio rubber on ITTF LARC and switch over to these high aspect ratio super long pips.

    Good Luck

    1. Hi mate, thanks for your advice. Magic 77+ is not made by Dawei Company but it’s also an amazing long pips rubber. Actually, these years there are loads of small brands in China who are producing long pips rubber and I suppose most of them many people have never heard about. Also there are some new blades aiming at matching with long pips. In the future I will make some reviews about these rubbers or blades. Many thanks for your advice!

  2. I have played at a mid level off and on for years with Yasaka phantom oo11 and0012 on my backhand. I an older and re-entering playing socially, but still like to win. Please compare the new long pip rubbers in this review to my prior ones. I mostly use it on my backhand to counter serves, and use Mark 5 on my forehand to attack. Are any of these new rubbers significantly better to counter serves and create confusion/changeup during the game to set up my forehand attack? Thankyou for your consideration and potential response.

    Buy the way I still use my Hock blades made for me by Bernie

    I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Kevin

    1. Hi Kevin, thanks for reading the blog. Actually, Yasaka Phantom 0011 and 0012 Infinity are very classic long pips rubbers to counter the spin and control the ball. Before giving you specific advice, I would like to ask you that do you use long pips to block, control or chop? Do you prefer offensive playstyle or do you like to control the match? Personally speaking, I suggest that you should choose a rather soft long pips rubber just like Yasaka Phantom 0012 if you attack with Mark 5 and change the rhythm of the match with a block of long pips rubber. Among those rubbers, Dawei 338d-1 and 338d-2 are rather soft ones and you could consider it.

  3. TM, in his comment, suggests using Magic 77 long pimples rubber. I have had a look at this but thing that it is not approved for use in matches? Can you confirm this please?
    I am currently using Globe 979 and use it to control, reverse spin and attack with my backhand. I am looking for an alternative with a bit more effect but retaining attacking possibility and would appreciate any advice. I also used Curl P-3 a R previously, and really liked it, but it seems more difficult to find now and expensive.

    1. Hi Terry, it is very easy to check. .This is the list of all ITTF-approved table tennis rubbers. Actually, Magic 77 before was really an excellent rubber. But it IS PROHIBITED now yes as many Chinese long pips rubbers make the pips larger so they can deal with all kinds of spin. I can understand why he loves this rubber so much. It is only because he just needs to stretch out the racket and all the incoming balls will be returned automatically. Obviously, it´s not fair. But if you use it for fun or some amateur matches, I think it´s okay. For formal matches absolutely not a good choice.
      Well, I haven´t used Globe 979 but if you want to find an alternative, I think Dr.neubauer might be a good choice. They have many classic long pips rubbers. Some of them I like very much.

  4. Hey, i have been using Spin Lord Dornenglanz (original, never tried 2 or 3 versions) for 10+ years since discovering it along with Grass D.Tecs occationally but am having a hard time finding Dornenglanz to buy these days (in the US) so I’ve been looking for something else to try. Mainly block or chop-block close to the table on backhand side and generally use OX (but have been trying thin sponges lately as well – OX seems best for disruption imo) to slow down the pace of aggressive opponent’s game and then strike with my forehand. Have you tried Dornenglanz long pips? If so, do you know of one more readily available that plays similar? I’ve read some good things about Dr Neubauer Desperado but haven’t been able to try it yet. Open to suggestions and/or other thoughts/info. Thank you

    1. Hi Jeff, I am glad to hear from you. Actually, I haven’t used Dornenglanz. But in your case, I think Grass D.Tecs is a great choice for you if you have 10 years’ experience in using long pips. We did a review about it in our previous blog, but sometimes this rubber is a little fast for some players. i think another great choice is Sauer & Troger Hellfire X. This long pips rubber is well balanced. You can have a try and make a comparison. I personally like Hellfire X better when blocking near the table.

  5. Hi xinyu
    Just come across your article about long Pimpled rubbers, excellent artice.
    I have played with Tibhar D-Techs ox for a long time now and find it great to play with.
    I bought a Smart Re-Impact blade a few months ago and have found it difficult to play with.
    I have just put a TSP Rise 2.00mm red rubber on the forehand and found it plays really well. I like to hit if I can and loop if away from the table.
    The problem I Have is with the backhand, I like to chop away from the able but I find the long pips I have used dont react as I would like, they just seem to die off the bat a lot of the time.
    I was wondering if you could suggest a long pips rubber to suit is blade, on my backhand, or even my forehand as well,(something possible a bit faster) or, a thinner rubber perhaps (0.6mm)
    hope I have given you enough information about the rubbers and the blade

    1. If you like to chop away from the table, then I suggest you Butterfly Feint. This rubber is quite thin and has great feeling while chopping. Even Joo used it in his career.
      You can also try Dawei 338 D-1, this is also a classic long pips for chopping. Let me know if they serve you well. Hope my suggestion is useful to you.

  6. Hi Xinyu, thank you for the interesting article…

    I’m a beginner in table tennis, and now I use Stiga Defensive Classic blade with Joola Rhyzen Ice on FH and Yinhe 955 Moxa on backhand. I prefer to play away from the table (mid to far) with chopping playing style. I found that Yinhe 955 a little bit deceptive in a terms that the opponent can’t be sure whether the ball has strong or weak spin reversal. But I have difficulties in controling the trajectory of the ball, especially when I face a very strong smash form the opponent.

    After reading your article, I want to try Dawei 388D-1 Quattro…because feint long 2 and 3 are very difficult to find in Indonesia….also do you have review of Yinhe Super Kim?

    Thank you

    1. I have used Yinhe 955 and it’s a quite nice lp. It’s relatively cheap and has decent performance. Dawei 338d-1 is also similar. I suggest you try both if you have difficulties in finding Butterfly Feint.
      I will make a review of Yinhe Super Kim. Thanks for your advice!

  7. Hi.i played very good professional before 20 years(between 8-16 years old).but i had problems and i stopped for 20 years(i dont play this year one time)before six months i start again but now for fun and maybe in a little not so good any more but day with the day i feel modern defencer.i played with bty korbel,tibhar torpedo max and tsp curl p1r 1.5 for many i play with a sanwei hc3,victas vs401 2.0 and curl p1 1.5.but i want to try and other combinations.maybe an other blade because i dont feel my pips dangerous.i can to play with offensive blades easy.i play far away of the table.i cut with backhand and i attack with the forehand.what is your opinion?

  8. Hi there. By what you already tested, whats the combo (Long Pimples + blade) that generates the wobbliest counter to opponents? I personally am using Dr Neubauer Troublemaker as of right now, and although it’s a good rubber with heavy underpin, I don’t feel like the ball has a lot of trajectory changes after I block or chop with it. I played against opposition that use long pimples that literally make the ball dance through the air when they return, but I was never able to build something that does some similar. Thank you for the list!

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