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Tibhar Grass D.TecS Reviews–Fast Long Pips Rubber

Tibhar Grass D.TecS

For long pips table tennis players, they must have heard Tibhar Grass D.TecS. Normally we call it “grass”. This is a fantastic long pips rubber and nowadays more and more people choose to use it. We list it as one of the 12 best long pips rubbers. You can click the link and read our previous blog.

According to the official description by Tibhar Company, Grass D.TecS is integrated with the D.TecS effect and the built-in tension makes the pimples much softer. So it’s very ideal to use it for blocking near the table. Thus, we shall make an in-depth review of this new-trend rubber. Let’s have a look.

Tibhar Grass D.TecS Review

Who is Tibhar Grass D.TecS for?

Tibhar Grass D.TecS features soft pimples and it’s ideal for long pips players who play near the table. Players can use it to do passive blocks, active blocks, and chop blocks at a close-to-middle distance from the table. The rubber has great deception and spin reversal that will confuse your opponent.

It is recommended to use this rubber on a relatively slow blade such as a def or all around blade. Players who like to attack with the forehand can choose a harder and more offensive rubber on the forehand. The setup will help them get great results in games.

Tibhar Grass D.TecS Review

Review of Tibhar Grass D.TecS


Unlike other long pips rubber, Tibhar Grass D.TecS is a green rubber, which is quite attractive. Sometimes I think that the reason why the rubber is green is that its name is “Grass”. But it’s indeed quite cool to use such green rubber during the match. By the way, nowadays there are more and more colorful rubbers like purple, and blue ones, which quite add some interest.

You can feel that the pimples are a little bit softer than other long pips if you touch them. Actually, in China, some ping pong lovers have created many ways to soften the long pips. One of them is to soak the long pips rubber in oil for 24 hours. And then the pimples will become much larger and super soft as they fully absorb the oil. But of course, it’s illegal during the games.

The advantage of soft pimples is the great antispin. The softer the pimples are, the better the performance in spin reversal and antispin. Some prohibited long pips rubber such as Magic 77 has been specially processed so the balls will fall down rapidly after contacting the long pips and it’s super hard for opponents to return the ball.

But the good thing is that thanks to modern technology, Grass D.TecS has softened the long pips but it’s still legal that it can provide amazing control with proper speed and spin reversal.

Tibhar Grass D.TecS Review


I glue the rubber on my previous blade Stiga Clipper CR (click to read the review)and I find that Grass D.TecS has so fast speed that I overshot some balls at first. I suppose that’s why some people complain that this rubber is difficult to control. So I would recommend you use it on the defensive or all round blade instead of the offensive one.

Actually, even though Clipper CR is an all-wood blade, the speed is still kind of out of control. Many people have to be accustomed to it after switching from other long pips rubbers.

However, the good thing is that fast speed has the advantage when it comes to chop block or attack. The overall feeling is almost similar to the previous “illegal” long pips soaked in oil. The rubber has high error tolerance when players intend to attack, which makes it different from other common long pips.


As we mentioned, the speed of Grass D.TecS is slightly fast so the control might be a problem for many players when they first use it.

During the test, I find that Grass D.TecS has quite decent control when blocking near the table. Some people on the forum say that this rubber is not proper for the passive block, which I don’t agree with.

In fact, due to the soft topsheet, Grass D.TecS can absorb the incoming power and has great performance in spin reversal. Faced with the powerful topspin, players can have enough confidence to unload the power of the ball and block back with great speed to leave little time for their opponents. This should be the correct use of this rubber.

But of course, players can also do active block if they want. The overall control of Grass D.TecS is decent. But compared with Sauer & Troger Hellfire X, Hellfire X has a more balanced performance in speed and control, which might be friendly to most people. You can click the link to read our review of Hellfire X.

Tibhar Grass D.TecS Review

Spin Reversal

The spin-reversing performance of Grass D.TecS is first-class level. Especially when I block near the table, the ball has great deception and the arc is really low over the net. That’s why we list this rubber as one of the best long pips for blocking.

Then I took several steps back and began to test the rubber by chopping. A far distance from the table is my favorite area during the game. The overall feeling is that due to the slightly fast speed, the ball stays quite little time on the rubber, so it’s not ideal for me.

As we mentioned before, as long pips rubber itself would not generate spin, we hope the ball can stay longer on our paddle. The longer time it contacts with long pips, the stronger the spin will be.

Grass D.TecS can be used for chopping but it’s absolutely not the best choice. If you only do several chops during the game and block a lot, then you could choose it. But if 80% of the time you are chopping at the back court, then I would recommend you use other long pips rubber.

Tibhar Grass D.TecS Review

Pros and Cons of Tibhar Grass D.TecS

What I like about Grass D.TecS

  • The great speed is good for blocking and attacking
  • Great performance playing near the table
  • Long pips are soft that players don’t need to worry about the incoming strong spin

What I don’t like about Grass D.TecS

  • Not proper for choppers
  • Sometimes not easy to control the ball

Tibhar Grass D.TecS Review

Tibhar Grass D.tecS 0.5mm vs ox

Some ping pong fans are not sure if to buy the 0.5mm version or the OX version. For all other long pimple rubbers, the thicker the sponge is, the easier to control the ball. But the OX version can be easier to attack and the ball can become more deceptive.

Thus, Grass D.tecS 0.5mm is ideal for most players as it reaches a great balance between speed and control. Players can have decent control over the ball. It’s friendly for beginners and intermediate players, especially players who just begin to play with long pips.

However, Grass D.tecS OX is more aggressive and more deceptive, thus it can be more dangerous and bring more problems for your opponents. But the disadvantage is obvious, it’s harder to control the ball. So I would recommend it for players who already have great basic skills.

Tibhar Grass D.TecS Review


Grass D.tecS OX is a great long pips rubber that will give even veteran players an edge. The rubber has decent speed that can be both controlled and aggressive when needed, making it a great choice for competitive play.

The durability of this rubber ensures that it can withstand regular use during practice or competition for extended periods of time, making it an elite choice among long pips rubbers. It also provides excellent grip and balance, allowing players to make quick changes in direction or speed without sacrificing control.

Players with great experience in long pips can give it a shot.


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