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Butterfly Dignics 05 Review

dignics 05

There are two most classic rubber series produced by Butterfly Company, namely Tenergy series and Dignics series. People have been debating which one is better between tenergy 05 or dignics 05. In this blog, we will cover the comparison between these two classic products of Butterfly Company.

A quick glance at Dignics 05

In fact, Tenergy 05 is more capable of holding the ball than ordinary ones and at the same time, it has almost perfect control. Dignics 05 continues these features and develop them much further. Some techniques like flicks or counter-loops in the short court can be realized easily by D05.

Such kinds of playstyle only require a little friction. It enhances the accuracy of the loop drives and on some occasions, even when players are not well-prepared, they can even hit some high-quality strokes as well.

dignics 05

In fact, after the reform of the material of table tennis balls, loads of players gradually feel that the speed became slower and the spin is no longer as stronger as before.

Nowadays, close-to-table fast strokes have gradually become the mainstream. So the demand for rubbers with faster speed and better rotation performance is increasing. And Dignics 05 is the rubber that can make it.

Star Player of Dignics 05

Tim Boll, a veteran who has been active in the table tennis community for over 20 years, is the backbone of the German team. The highest ITTF rank of Boll was once the first in the world.

This legendary player has created a great threat to the Chinese team in many competitions. Liu Guoliang once said that when there is a game with Tim Boll, he would not sleep well. Boll’s technology is ahead of the times because he is the earliest two-winged looper.

dignics 05

He is well-known for both his quick backhand loop and forehand topspin. Apart from that, unlike other players, Tim Boll defends with spin blocks instead of passive blocks to press more pressure on his opponents.  The rubber he has used for the forehand is D05, and for the backhand is T05. Definitely, Boll is the best spokesperson for both of these two rubbers.

Tenergy 05 VS Dignics 05


T05 weighs 71 grams, and D05 is also 71 grams. The weight of the two rubbers is similar. In terms of the hardness, T05 is 36 degrees, and D05 is 40 degrees. When touching the surface we can feel that D05 is more sticky than T05, and is also much harder, which is very interesting. It is supposed that such a tacky and hard rubber should have faster speed and stronger spin. Let’s figure it out in the playtest.


Dignics 05 is almost impeccable in terms of speed. Whether it is topspin or backspin, the speed of the ball is extremely fast. It’s hard to say whose absolute speed is much much faster between D05 and T05.

However, as the surface of D05 is harder, the ball leaves the paddle extremely quickly, and sometimes it’s not easy to control the ball well. Especially when doing forehand loop drives, with a little bit more strength, the speed will be greatly improved. The rubber plays well both close to the table and far away from it.

The improved “Spring Sponge X technology” and the advanced top sheet make it more bouncy. Honestly speaking, it is an ideal weapon for offensive players that gives them lots of confidence in active strokes.

dignics 05


When it comes to spin, the performance of dignics 05 is really really fantastic and much better than tenergy 05. The rubber can wrap the ball for a longer time and generate huge amounts of spin. However, when you lift up the backspin balls, the arc should be adjusted much higher to get on the table.

Otherwise, the ball might go into the net. This is because D05 generates unique and direct arcs but with lots of spins so the strokes are more effective and hard for opponents to block back.


These two rubbers both have great control, honestly speaking. Do5 has a relatively better performance in some short games. The rubber has a soft feeling when we do some short touches over the net like pushing or drop-shots.

Especially when we want to serve some short but spinny balls, the rubber enables us to control the placement well and with a great amount of backspin. But of course, it requires the solid technique of players.

However, when it comes to speed, T05 can control the ball falling into the net zone and at the same time hitting the ball much faster.


Undoubtedly, D05 gives you very strong support in the middle and back court. The denser sponge means that it can pop out the ball more quickly after deformation. As we mentioned, D05 is harder than T05.

Due to the specific technology applied by Butterfly Company on the surface, it can be felt obviously that the rubber has a more frictional feeling. D05 is more bouncy when we do loop drives and it has a stronger spin and more powerful speed than T05. Generally speaking, D05 is much more violent in this aspect.


It seems that it is difficult to penetrate the sponge of D05 when we lift up the backspin ball under small force. T05 has a better feeling in this aspect as we are able to hit the ball more quickly without great friction in the middle and short court. faster and faster.

However, under great force, D05 has a higher arc so we need enough control to ensure that the ball would not fly out. So if you prefer flash hit without too much friction, then T05 is a better choice; while if you are crazy about rubbing up the ball to generate spinny strokes then D05 is more suitable for you obviously.


Dignics 05 has a denser sponge, which means it has stronger resistance to attacking so the defensive performance is much better. Faced with the violent loop drives of the opponent, D05 is easier to block back and control the placement well as the sponge absorbs the impact well. Also, you can do spin-block like Tim Boll instead of passive block yet it requires great skill and lots of practice.

dignics 05


Both Tenergy 05 and Dignics 05 are great rubbers and have been used by many of the top-ranked ping pong players in the world. In fact, neither is good or bad, but there are differences in different aspects. Compared with T05, D05 focuses more on the spin, and players need to increase the friction slightly when hitting the ball.

It is more dominant in topspin rallies and also suitable for counter looping so it’s an ideal weapon for forehand nowadays. In fact, Dignics has great power like DHS Hurricane 3 in the middle and back court, and the control and defense haven’t become worse because of the increase in hardness.

This is a well-balanced rubber and performs excellently in all aspects. In today’s big ball era, T05 is no longer a good option for forehands so many pros choose it as backhand rubber.

However, both these two rubber are too expensive and D05 is more expensive than T05. I believe that the majority of fans hope that Butterfly Company can reduce the price lol.

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