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JOOLA Dynaryz ACC AGR Review


The Joola company has undergone a series of major changes since its acquisition by Richard Lee of Sport Squad in the USA in 2019. Joola has expanded its business and launched a new range of table tennis equipment, most notably the JOOLA DYNARYZ ACC AGR rubbers.

We also list Joola Dynaryz AGR as one of the top 30 best table tennis rubbers. Please click the link to check these 30 rubbers if you are interested.

What they say about Joola Dynaryz ACC AGR

Let’s start with the official promotional note for the ACC.
“Equip yourself with table tennis rubber that will bring more spin and speed to your game without losing control! It may sound like a dream but now it´s true!


The combination of Advanced Traction Surface Technology and pink HyperBounce sponge with medium hardness makes the rubber have great spin, dynamics, and precision. Get ready to hit your award-winning shots with laser-like precision!

JOOLA Dynaryz ACC is the table tennis rubber of choice for those aspiring to play at the professional level!

Next, we turn to the promotional notes on AGR.
If your game is ready to play at the highest level, then JOOLA Dynaryz AGR is perfect for you. The new symbol of the purple Hyperbounce sponge is the key to the amazing power of this hard rubber.

Combined with the advanced traction surface, the accuracy and quality of each stroke will be unprecedented. Harness the power of JOOLA Dynaryz AGR table tennis rubber and create a gaming experience like no other!

As Joola’s new high-end flagship product, these two rubbers come with a high price tag. As we can see on Amazon, every piece cost 60 euros. Does the high price really mean that they offer outstanding performance? Let’s have a look.


Features of Joola Dynaryz ACC AGR

Physical Reviews

The Dynaryz ACC weighs 69g and its hardness is about 38 degrees. The topsheet is medium-soft that if you press the rubber, it can be felt that the rubber is much softer than the Dynaryz AGR. The AGR is much harder that the hardness is about 40 degrees and the weight is 73g.


We test both two rubbers with DHS Long V blade and I have to say the Dynaryz ACC is quite bouncy. The ball goes speed and it feels kind of soft when hitting the ball. However, AGR is much faster than ACC. Actually, the difference is quite huge and they are not at the same level.

When I use AGR in the Long V blade, the force of the drives can be obviously noticed, no matter when I play in short court or back court. AGR is much more bouncy and it’s even faster than Butterfly T05.

So combined with a carbon blade like Long V or Butterfly Viscaria, the ball can obtain amazing super speed just like a nuclear weapon.


The Dynaryz ACC is a grippy rubber and in loops or drives, it could generate a huge amount of spin. The arc of the ball is medium or low. To some degree, it feels quite similar to Tenergy64 as it’s a medium soft rubber as well.

Many people ask if AGR has a stronger spin than ACC. Well, according to my feeling, the difference is not that huge like their speed. The arc of AGR is a little bit higher and it performs well when playing against backspin. So it’s hard to say which one is better in terms of spin.

Hitting the topspin

AGR gives the same feeling as the D05, but both rubbers need good forehand power to be able to play with high quality. You may not tell the slight difference between the two rubbers under small force.

In terms of sound, there is a metallic impact sound when hitting the ball with AGR, which makes it very pleasant. The disadvantage is that you can’t appreciate the quality with little power, so it is only suitable for enthusiasts with excellent table tennis techniques.

The ACC, on the other hand, is significantly less difficult to drive than the AGR. It is more like a softened version of the AGR. So it is more suitable for beginners.


Hitting the backspin

The AGR has a very harsh feel when pooling or driving forwards. The grippy rubber can generate more spin with little power. Under great force, the balls can have high quality and kill the opponent within the first three strokes. It is a good choice for pooling backspin balls.

The ACC has a better arc as it is not as hard as AGR. Players can drive the ball with a higher arc to generate more effects.

Backhand Flick

The AGR is a bit hard, so it is difficult to do flat hits with high quality. And the ACC is a bit soft and it feels like the ball collapses a bit when touching the rubber, so it is also not a good way to deal with incoming balls.


It’s hard to flick with AGR as under small power, it is actually difficult to completely penetrate the sponge because the rubber is very hard. And we all know if we flick with too much force the ball may go out of the border. While ACC is a better choice because with small and medium power, the sponge can “bite” the ball completely, and then send it forward. So the quality can be better.


When it comes to controlling, the ACC definitely performs better. The softer sponge gives the ACC the same speed as the Rhyzer 48, but with excellent control and high fault tolerance. In fact, the ACC is more of a control rubber than an attacking one.

No matter whether you do drop shots or backhand as well as forehand push, you can always place the ball as you have expected. However, the AGR is not as soft as ACC and the control is neither so precise.


The AGR defense with quality because of the harder and tougher sponge. The ball can be blocked stable and it’s more suitable for active defense. While ACC is more suitable for offloading defense due to its softer sponge.

Who is it for

The AGR is suitable for advanced players or semi-professionals who use it for forehand to play some explosive and offensive balls. Beginners lack enough strength and they cannot get the full performance out of it.

The ACC is more suitable for beginners to master basic table tennis skills. As it can “bite” the ball well, it is suitable for both forehand and backhand. And you can experience some quality at low forces, making it easier to handle.



Through the playtest we can find that there is a great leap between that these two rubbers. The ACC aims entirely towards the beginner, more like the T05fX. The downside is that it is difficult to appreciate the high quality under big force.

The AGR is more suitable for the more advanced player with excellent basic skills.

The AGR has an absolute quality advantage when it comes to topspin and backspin, which is very similar to the D05. This is a rubber both good at attacking and defending that has a high upper limit.

The ACC, although totally inferior to the AGR in absolute terms, has things that it excels in like some short ball or flick. It illustrates that the ACC is perfect for beginners to improve their basic skills.

So despite its high price, it is totally worth a try. If you’ve got the budget, just buy a piece back and try it out. Maybe you’ll find some surprise.

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