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What is Tomokazu Harimoto famous for?

Tomokazu Harimoto

If you are a table tennis fan, you must have heard of Harimoto. Tomokazu Harimoto, a Japanese table tennis player, is currently ranked number 3 in the world by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).

Harimoto began playing table tennis at the age of four and was selected for the Japanese National Team at the age of eleven. In 2013, he became the youngest-ever winner of a World Tour event when he triumphed at the Danish Open.

The following year, he defended his title at the Swedish Open and won the China Open. Harimoto has enjoyed a meteoric rise to the top of the sport and is widely regarded as one of the most talented young players in the world. With his huge potential, it seems certain that Harimoto will be a major force in table tennis for many years to come.

Harimoto has gone on to achieve great success on the international stage, including winning gold at the 2018 World Team Table Tennis Championships and bronze at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

However, Harimoto is perhaps best known for his yelling and controversial outbursts. On multiple occasions, he has been seen shouting and gesticulating wildly during matches, leading some to brand him as a “bad boy” of table tennis. However, there is no doubt that Harimoto is an immensely talented player, and his passion for the sport is undeniable.

Tomokazu Harimoto

Why do table tennis players shout?

In table tennis, as in any competitive sport, players always seek ways to gain an edge over their opponents. Some players use visualization techniques to picture themselves making a perfect shot. Others listen to music to get pumped up before a match. And still, others have developed elaborate rituals designed to help them focus and stay calm under pressure.

One of the most common and controversial of these rituals is yelling after winning a point. While some believe that shouting can help release tension and boost confidence, others find it distracting and annoying. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, there’s no denying that screams of “Cho!” or “Chole!” are a staple of table tennis matches at all levels of competition.

So why do table tennis players shout? There are a few theories. One is that yelling can help to release tension and relieve stress. When the pressure is on and every point matters, it can be helpful to let out a little bit of steam in order to refocus and stay calm. Another theory is that shouting can be used as a form of self-encouragement.

At the highest levels of competition, even the slightest mental lapse can result in defeat. By yelling after winning a point, players can remind themselves to stay focused and avoid getting complacent. So if you find yourself at a match, don’t be surprised if you hear a player let out a triumphant yell after winning a point. It’s just part of the game.

Tomokazu Harimoto

Is Tomokazu harimoto Chinese?

Tomokazu Harimoto is a Japanese table tennis player. But Harimotos has Chinese origin as his parents were table tennis players from China. In 1998 they came to Japan and worked there as table tennis coaches. Harimoto was born in 2003 in Japan and his parents gave him his Chinese name: Zhang Zhihe. When he grew up, he got Japanese citizenship and also his Japanese name Tomokazu Harimoto.

Because of his Chinese parents, some people have speculated that Harimoto may be Chinese. However, he has never competed for China or indicated any desire to do so.

In fact, he has said that he is proud to represent Japan and that he wants to help bring table tennis to a wider audience in his country. As such, it seems clear that Harimoto considers himself Japanese, not Chinese.

Who is Harimoto’s coach?

As one of the most promising young table tennis players in the world, Harimoto’s coach is his own father, who has helped him to develop his skills from a young age.

Thanks to his father’s guidance, Harimoto has become an incredibly talented player with a bright future ahead of him. Although he still has a lot to learn, there is no doubt that Harimoto has the potential to become one of the greatest table tennis players in history.

Tomokazu Harimoto

How to deal with the screaming like Harimoto in table tennis matches?

Harimoto’s screaming has been a controversial topic among professional table tennis players and fans. Some people feel that it is a cheap tactic, disrupting the concentration of Harimoto’s opponents and forcing them to lose focus. Others find it to be an effective way of getting into the opponent’s head.

Regardless of one’s personal opinion, there is no doubt that Harimoto’s screaming can be disruptive. One way to level the playing field is to scream when Harimoto screams. This will help to disrupt his concentration, making it more difficult for him to win points.

Of course, this tactic will only be effective if it is used sparingly and at the right moments. Otherwise, it may just end up being another distraction for the players.

For example, in the final match of the men’s individuals of WTT 2022, when Wang Chuqin played with Harimoto, his coach Qin told him to shout in his face of Harimoto. Wang Chuqin even shouted much louder than Harimoto and finally won the match. This perhaps is the best way to avoid being distracted by the screaming of your rival.

Tomokazu Harimoto

However, some players may don’t like doing this because of their personalities. Like when Lin Yunju played with Harimoto, he even didn’t make any noise and got the victory. So if you can really focus on the match itself and the behavior of your rival won’t affect you at all.

What rubber and blade does Harimoto use?

Harimoto’s equipment is as follows:
Blade: Butterfly custom Innerforce ALC(Read the review)
Forehand Rubber: Butterfly Tenery 05 Hard(Read the review)
Backhand Rubber: Butterfly Tenergy 05 FX


As one of the best ping pong players in the world now, Harimoto’s on-court demeanor reflects his impressive skills. But he is known for yelling and screaming during matches, a habit that has earned him comparisons to tennis greats like Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams.

While some may see his outbursts as unsportsmanlike, there is no denying that they are effective. In a sport where split-second decisions can mean the difference between winning and losing, Harimoto’s intensity allows him to stay focused and make the right decisions under pressure.

It also intimidates opponents, who often find themselves struggling to keep up with his lightning-fast play. In a game that is increasingly dominated by calm, strategic players, Harimoto’s passion and fire set him apart as a truly unique talent.

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