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Who is Ma long’s wife?

malong‘s wife

Malong, Hexagon Warrior of Table Tennis, is regarded as one of the greatest table tennis players in the history. But do you know his personal life outside table tennis match? Who is Ma long’s wife? What has happened between Ma long and Japanese ping pong player Kasumi Ishikawa? In this blog we will cover all about Ma long’s personal life.

Who is Ma long’s Wife?

Ma Long Xia Lu

In fact, Ma long’s wife is Xia Lu, who had been Ma long’s girlfriend for over eight years. It seems like a match made in heaven – after eight years of standing by Ma’s side while he achieved success on the court, Xia Lu becomes his lovely wife.

What more could a modern-day romantic heroine want? Xia was often seen cheering her future husband on during tournaments, and it’s a pleasure to see their relationship blossom into marriage. Little else is known of this mystery woman, but here’s hoping they get many more blissful years together! So let’s have a look of their story!

First meet

In 2010, Ma Long was 22 years old, and he had already become a well-known table tennis champion both in China and in the world. But he still had never been meeting his right girl.

This year, he and his teammates went to Nanjing for training. During the Nanjing youth cultural and sports exchange activities, he met Xia Lu, the “the most beautiful girl” of Hehai University.

Xia Lu, who is two years younger than Ma Long, is a native of Nanjing and a university student majoring in law. She also participated in this event.

ma long's wife

During the activity, there was a game session in which Ma long played with other audiences. Coincidentally, Ma Long and Xia Lu were assigned to the same group.

Xia Lu asked Ma Long to teach him how to serve the ball. This gentle boy with superb skills won Xia Lu’s favor and Xia Lu had a major crush since then towards Ma long.

The Hexagon Warrior of Table Tennis and the innocent, lovely school girl had a good conversation and left a deep impression on each other.

Shortly after the separation, Xia Lu sent Ma Long an email, which collected dozens of photos of him. And there were touching words under each photo.

In order to make this gift, Xia Lu had been busy for several days, from choosing photos, editing music, to text matching and typesetting, every step is condensed with the girl’s love.

Xia Lu’s behavior made Ma Long feel a burst of warmth in his heart. Ma long started paying attention to this girl.

Long time love in distance

Since then, Ma Long and Xia Lu often chatted online, sharing each other’s life and study, and gradually become part of their lives for both of them.

After the training, they would video call or send messages to each other. Xia Lu often urged Ma long to train, and Ma long would also encourage Xia Lu to study hard.

Knowing that Ma Long is under huge pressure in the national team, Xia Lu often accompanies him, listens to his thoughts, and tells him: Persistence is the victory.

In 2011, a Chinese game called growing vegetables has become popular on the Internet. In order to relieve Ma Long from stress, Xia Lu also asked him to register an account. During that time, the two often went to “steal vegetables” together. In this way, they had great fun secretly.

From then on, Ma long’s life, in addition to training, has added a lot of interesting things. Of course, all of this was because of Xia Lu.

After some time, the “vegetables” have already matured, but Xia Lu cannot wait for Ma Long’s confession. So, she hinted at Ma long online, saying:

“I not only want to manage the farm with you online but also want to taste the joys and sorrows of the world with you in real life.”

Ma Long was also excited when he saw Xia Lu’s words, but thinking about his current situation, he didn’t dare to easily agree to the girl’s courtship. Because he was worried that he would not be able to give her a great future.

As a responsible big boy, he did not dare to agree directly, and said euphemistically:

“You’re a good girl, but you’re still a student, and I’m an athlete. We’re not eligible to enjoy love at the moment.”

When Xia Lu saw Ma Long’s reply, she felt sad in her heart. She couldn’t help crying. Before she could finish crying, she saw Ma Long say:

“Actually, I also like you very much. I want to be with you in reality, but the conditions don’t allow it now. If you wait for me until I win the Olympic championship, then I will give you a happy future. Are you willing to wait for me?”

Xia Lu suddenly burst into laughter, and replied a few hearts to Ma Long, saying:

“I want, even if I wait ten or eight years, or a lifetime, I am willing to wait for you.”

In this way, two young and fiery hearts made a commitment to the future.

In 2012, the Olympic Games were held in London as scheduled. Ma Long, Wang Hao, and Zhang Jike won the gold medal in the men’s table tennis team match for China. All the Chinese people were excited about this.

The happiest thing is that Xia Lu, who has been waiting for Ma Long for a year, can finally stay together with her boy.

After returning home, Ma Long went to Nanjing to confess to Xia Lu without telling the media:

“I want to accompany you my whole life. Also, I will cultivate the vegetables with you even when we get old. Would you like to be with me?”

Xia Lu looked at Ma Long’s sincere face and couldn’t help shedding happy tears.

After the two were together, they were worried that there would be malicious hype by the media, and they were also worried that it would affect their training and studies, so they maintained the relationship secretly.

The two are still the same as when they first met. One is in Beijing and the other is in Nanjing. They only accompany each other online, share life with each other, and never disturb the normal life of the other one.

Career of this couple

In mid-2014, Xia Lu graduated from the university. She successfully passed the interview of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank and started working.

Because they have their own things to do, they have little time to gather together. Even if the meeting is just a short meal at the train station or airport. The two also cherish every minute and second when they stay together.

Ma Long is a man of action. Although he can’t say nice words to girls, every time he goes out for the match, he will bring the lipstick and perfume that Xia Lu likes, and then put it in the shape of a loving “heart” and give it to Xia Lu. So Xia Lu feels surprised all the time.

ma long's wife

And Xia Lu will also buy some men’s products and give them to her boyfriend. The two are full of romance and sweetness.

Although the two were in different places, they were not affected by it. On the contrary, their relationship became stronger and stronger.

In April 2015, Ma Long went to Suzhou to participate in the 53rd World Table Tennis Competition.

As Nanjing and Suzhou are close, Xia Lu took the high-speed train to cheer for Ma Long.

But even in the stadium, they still couldn’t meet. In order to avoid the media, they didn’t dare to get too close, and they didn’t dare to communicate privately.

Xia Lu could only sit in the auditorium, looking at her boyfriend from a distance, cheering for him, and taking many photos with her camera.

Crush from Kasumi Ishikawa

Excellent guys will always be liked by many people, not to mention the humble and polite Ma Long who has got the world championship.

ma long wife

In those years, Kasumi Ishikawa, a beautiful Japanese table tennis player liked Ma Long very much. Not only did she give Ma Long water and towels during the game, but he also said generously in front of the media:

“He is so handsome, with superb skills, and is the perfect boy in my heart.”

Some media asked Ma Long:

“Ishikawa Kasumi likes you, what do you think of this Japanese girl?”

In front of the reporters, Ma Long was embarrassed to say that he didn’t like her directly, fearing that it would make the girl feel down, and also worried that it would affect the friendship between the two teams, so he said euphemistically:

“Ishikawa is a good girl.”

On Weibo, there are also many fans of Ma Long who said:

“Ishikawa is beautiful, Ma Long is handsome, they would be a great couple.”

Others said:

“Ma Long and Ishikawa both like table tennis and have the same occupation. If they get together, there will be many common topics for them. They are definitely a good match.”

Under the hype of the media and netizens, the “love” of the two table tennis players was fired up, attracting attention from all over the world.

Depression and Misunderstanding

And Xia Lu, who heard about the scandal, felt even more depressed.

In front of Ishikawa Jiachun, Xia Lu felt a deep sense of inferiority, and she thought to herself:

“Ishikawa Kashun is young and beautiful, a little beauty that everyone likes. And she ranks fourth in the world women’s table tennis. No matter in terms of appearance or fame, she is obviously more suitable for Ma Long. But I am just an ordinary girl, that nothing stands out, neither can I help Ma long’s career.”

Because of this incident, Xia Lu fell into great depression.

Soon after, Ma Long won the men’s gold medal again. but Xia Lu wanted to break up with him.

Ma Long was stunned and asked Xia Lu sadly:

“Did I do something wrong? Why did we break up? Haven’t we been fine all along?”

Xia Lu’s heart was even more broken than Ma Long, and she said to Ma Long while crying,:

“I’m too ordinary for you. That Japanese girl is more suitable for you. Not only is she beautiful, but also famous. What’s more she can help you in your career. It’s more suitable for you.”

When Ma Long heard it, he realized that it was the scandal from the media that made Xia Lu feel uneasy, so she proposed to break up.

He immediately said to his girlfriend:

“I like you. It has nothing to do with your appearance or fame. Your support, comfort and tolerance over the years are better than everything. In my heart, you are an irreplaceable person. I only love you in my life.”

After listening to his words, she couldn’t help but threw herself into her boyfriend’s arms and burst into tears. And they got well with each other just like before.

Marriage–Become Ma long’s wife

In 2015, Ma Long was 27 years old and when it was time to consider his marriage. He took Xia Lu to meet his parents.

Ma Long’s father is a cadre of a public institution, and his mother is also a gentle person. They are both kind people and support all decisions of their son.

ma long's wife

In 2017, Ma Long was 29 years old and Xia Lu was 27 years old. The two got married. But because of their special status, the two did not make a great wedding, not even a wedding photo. At that time, in order to take care of Xia Lu’s, Ma Long directly settled in Nanjing. But because of the current situation, Ma Long is also an athlete, so most of the time, Xia Lu can only be alone in home.

A few months later, Xia Lu became pregnant and started to lose appetite, and have morning sickness and dizziness every day.

Whenever she sees other pregnant women being picked up by their husband or being taken care well, Xia Lu sometimes feel a little bit disappinted. Sometimes she feel a little bit sad and lonely. But fortunately, Ma Long’s parents understood the difficulties of their daughter-in-law and finally decided go to Nanjing to take care of her. Later, when Ma Long’s son was born, Ma Long posted a photo of the family.


Ma Long, as a father, has become more mature with the burden on himself. After that, Ma long has got more titles and gold medals for both chinese team as well as for himself. It was precisely because of the silent support of Xia Lu and his family, Ma Long becomes the world-known Hexagon Warrior of Table Tennis.

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