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Yasaka Mark V and Its family Mark V GPS, V 30, V XS, V M2, V HPS Review

yasaka mark v

Yasaka mark v is a piece of rubber produced by the Japanese Yasaka company and used by Olympic champion Ma Lin. Many people know this rubber also because of Ma Lin. 

But while almost all Chinese players use the DHS Hurricane 3, why does only Ma Lin favor this one? In this blog, we will bring the most comprehensive review of yasaka Mark V.

About Yasaka Company

Yasaka is a famous Japanese table tennis brand. Yasaka products include table tennis blades, table tennis rubber, table tennis clothing, shoes, and so on.

Yasaka’s blade is famous for its penhold blade, which has always been known for its good control and great hand feel.

Yasaka’s inverted rubber is also widely known for its great elasticity, high speed, and good ball control. So loads of professional table tennis players are fond of it.

All about Yasaka Mark V

Compared with the table tennis rubber we introduced earlier like tenergy 05, DHS hurricane 3, and so on, yasaka mark v is one of the oldest rubbers.

This rubber was introduced as early as the 1960s when table tennis technology was not as advanced as it is nowadays. After decades of development, this classic rubber has gradually formed its own characteristics.

The moderate thickness of the sponge and the super control ability make it not only suitable for beginners but also favored by high-level athletes.

yasaka mark v

Performance of Yasaka Mark V:

Speed 8.5/10:

The rubber of yasaka mark V has strong elasticity and moderate hardness, but speed is not its advantage. Especially after the ITTF made restrictions on the use of glue, its hitting speed dropped significantly, far less than the tenergy series.

Spin 8.8/10:

yasaka mark V is a more balanced and all round rubber. Although the rubber is more elastic, the spin is not its most prominent strength. It is more suitable for playing topspin or non-spinning balls. 


But for beginners and intermediate players, its performance in terms of speed and spin is still strong enough to ensure that players can learn and master the basic table tennis techniques.

Control 9.5/10:

You can complain about the yasaka mark v’s poor speed and spin, but everyone has to admit that the control is really marvelous. That’s why it has become a classic for more than 50 years since its inception in 1970.

The reason why Marin chose to put the yasaka mark v on the backhand is that it has better control over the placement and spin of the ball. Coupled with Ma Lin’s ghostly style of play, all these make him become the best penhold player in Chinese history.

Thickness 9.0/10:

Yasaka Mark V has a total of 1.0, 1.5, 1.8, 2.0, and 2.5mm thick sponges to choose from. The thicker the sponge, the more the sponge can “absorb” the ball when it hits the racket, creating more spin and speed. In fact, most people will choose either 1.8 or 2.0. So if you don’t know which one to choose at first, you can’t go wrong with 2.0

Hardness 8.8/10:

The rubber of yasaka mark v is moderately firm, even a little soft. This leads to the feeling of lack of power or speed sometimes when hitting the ball.

However, for most amateur players, this hardness is still decent. The ball will not be too bouncy or too fast, and they will not struggle to control the ball.

Pros of Yasaka Mark V

  • Yasaka mark v is the most balanced and well round rubber. Especially suitable for beginners.
  • The yasaka mark v has excellent control and is the best choice for those defensive players. Of course, this doesn’t mean offensive players can’t use this rubber. In fact, players can choose a sponge with proper thickness according to their own needs. Beginners can choose a slightly thinner sponge such as 1.5mm, which will not cause the problem of poor control of the ball; control players choose the classic 1.8mm or 2.0mm; Players who like to attack can choose a thicker sponge such as 2.5, which is faster and can generate stronger spin.
  • The yasaka mark v is a very cost-effective product. We can see on Amazon that the price of a piece of rubber is only $30. Rubbers with the same performance, such as donic acuda s1, will sell for $40 or more. Obviously, the tenergy series of Butterfly is naturally more expensive. For players with a limited budget, this rubber is undoubtedly the best choice.
  • yasaka mark v is more durable. When it comes to durability, many players have different opinions. Someone may say that once he bought a piece of rubber, and it broke within a few months. Indeed, the service life of a piece of rubber is related to many factors, such as whether to do some maintenance on the rubber, and the frequency of use of the rubber. But what we’re talking about here is that yasaka mark v will last longer under normal usage.
yasaka mark v

Cons of Yasaka Mark V:

yasaka mark v is most criticized for its speed is not fast enough, many offensive players need the high-speed ball to get the victory. yasaka mark v sometimes is not particularly perfect in this regard.

But for the vast majority of players, it can be compensated by other methods, for example, it can be used with a carbon fiber-containing blade such as stiga carbon pro so that the racket will be harder and the ball speed will naturally be faster.

Yasaka mark Series:

Like the butterfly tenergy series, yasaka mark also has many series like Mark V GPS, Mark V 30, mark V XS, mark V M2, mark v HPS, etc. Mark v is the most classic one but many players are confused with so many versions. So now let’s have a look at it.

Yasaka Mark V GPS: Mark V GPS is an upgraded version of mark v. The quality of rubber is not very different from mark v. GPS means glue power sponge. When using normal glue, there will be a better feeling of control. But when using fresh glue, a stronger spin can be generated, and the speed will be faster.

yasaka mark v

Yasaka Mark V 30: The name of the Mark V 30 comes from the fact that the sponge has a hardness of about 30, which makes the rubber softer, while the sponge can absorb the glue more quickly, and the rubber is more elastic. Its excellent balance between speed and spin guarantees players’ victory.

Yasaka Mark V XS: Yasaka Mark V XS applies new technology, adding a certain chemical material to the top sheet, which allows the rubber to generate extremely strong rotation without losing speed at the same time. This effect is called DAT, or double acceleration technology, which refers to a great increase in speed and rotation, completely surpassing the regular version of mark v.

Yasaka Mark V M2: Similar to mark V XS, mark V M2 is also designed to improve the disadvantage of the classic version of Mark V in terms of spin and speed. So it has also greatly improved in these two aspects, making it the best choice for offensive players.

Yasaka Mark V HPS:  Yasaka Mark V HPS is also an upgrade to the regular version. HPS means hyperpower sponge. Its hardness is moderate, but the dynamics have been significantly improved in the sponge, and the speed, as well as spin, are also enhanced.

But the most important thing is that the rubber weight is not increased, so it is also a good choice for offensive players.


yasaka mark v is a product that has been popular in the world for nearly 50 years. The reason for its enduring is that it can keep pace with the times, and constantly adjust itself according to the development of table tennis technology. 

I strongly recommend that you buy a piece to try. I am sure that you will not regret it.

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