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Andro Rasanter R47 vs R48 vs R53 Review

Andro Rasanter R47, R48, R53

Today we are going to bring you a comparison of the three rubbers, Andro Rasanter R47, R48, and R53.  According to the official introduction, all RASANTER series rubbers are based on the same top technology but have a finely graded hardness range in terms of control.

Ambitious players targeting different skill levels can benefit from the cutting-edge technology of the Company. Especially the less rigid version provides players of all levels more options due to its potential high performance.

There are R and V two versions such as Andro Ranster R47, V42, R37, R42, V47, R48, and R53. According to Andro, R stands for “rotation” as thinner and tighter rubber increases the contact area between the rubber and the ball. While V stands for “speed” because the rubber has obvious advantages in speed.

Andro Rasanter R47, R48, R53

About Andro Company

When I was young in China, I have never heard about this company actually. But in fact, Andro Company is one of the leading manufacturers of table tennis equipment. Founded in 1984, Andro has been a leading innovator in the sport of table tennis.

Andro’s products are used by some of the world’s top players, including Olympic champions and World Champions. In addition to manufacturing high-quality table tennis equipment, Andro also sponsors several professional players and events.

Andro is committed to helping grow the sport of table tennis and making it more accessible to everyone. Whether you’re a beginner or a world-class player, Andro has the right equipment for you.

Official introduction of 3 rubbers:

Andro Rasanter R53

Spinny rubber produces a stronger arc and better grip. The 53° ultra-soft cell sponge provides instant feedback on the ideal ball contact along with more power and stronger spin. The maximum rotation of the rubber surface gains more extra impact through the energy cell sponge.

The new R53 sponge with a highly elastic structure ensures dynamic energy transfer, especially for fast and violent topspin. It’s extremely suitable for players who prefer high spin and great power.

Andro Rasanter R48

The 48° soft sponge strengthens the balance of the rotation and speed. It also attaches great importance to the dynamic energy conversion of topspin. Andro Rasanter R48 sponge is paired with its above-average sweet spot for improved hitting accuracy. It provides players with consistent topspin with great speed and impact.

Andro Rasanter R47

Andro Rasanter R47 creates superior energy and speed. It is the choice for changeable offensive players. In addition to its strong rotation in the short court, it is also suitable for topspin rallies in the middle court.

According to the official statement,  R48 has made minor adjustments on the basis of R47, and the sponge of R48 is more powerful.

Andro Rasanter R47, R48, R53

Overview of Andro Rasanter R47, R48 & R53

Appearance and data

The most impressive one among the three rubbers should be Andro Rasanter R47. It is different from the traditional red and black rubbers that everyone is familiar with, but green, which is really eye-catching. Loads of fans purchase this rubber because of its unique color.

In terms of the hardness, R53 is 42.5 degrees, R48 is 38 degrees, and R47 is 37 degrees. It can be seen that R53 is the hardest, and the green R47 is relatively softer.


Both Andro Rasanter R47 and R48 can easily serve quite spinny balls and they have almost the same experience. The ball can be “bitten” into the rubber under small force and thus generates strong spins. Due to the hard sponge, R53 is relatively more difficult to serve strong backspins.

From this point of view, the serving performance of R53 is not as good as that of R47 and R48.

Andro Rasanter R47, R48, R53


Due to the rigidity of the sponge, R53 has almost no friction under medium and small force. Players have to exert more force to generate a longer arc with more spin. Personally, I am not also able to use it well either. Amateurs will have trouble controlling it well so it´s not recommended for them.

R47 and R48 have almost the same feeling, that is, they can hold the ball stably, wrap the ball and lift it up easily. However, the speed is not so fast. Overall speaking, for most players, Andro Rasanter R47 and R48 have better experience in this aspect.


According to the test, R53 is even harder than Tenergy 05hard. In comparison, most hard rubbers have sufficient deformation under great force, such as Butterfly D05 or Tibhar MX-S.

But R53 is quite rigid, and the arc in topspin rallies is not high, so it’s easy to fall off the net. Given that maybe only players like Simon Gauzy with great strength can experience its great performance, it is absolutely not proper for most ordinary players.

Andro Rasanter R47, R48, R53

Andro Rasanter R47 and 48 will have relatively high-quality arcs under medium force. These two rubbers are quite similar and they are able to give sufficient support in topspin rallies at a mid-to-far distance from the table. In fact, they are more friendly to the majority of users.

After exerting force, Andro Rasanter R47 and 48 have great spin and speed just like a mini version of Tenergy 05. The second jump is quite rapid and can hold the ball well. Compared with R53, fast second jump, deep ball holding, decent elasticity, and great impact, all these advantages are that R53 lack.

Flash hits

The first impression of R53 is that it is super hard like a steel plate. It is not like other rubbers that bite the ball first and then spray it out, so the speed is not as fast as other rubbers.

R47 and R48 are relatively much better, with moderate hardness and they are easy to control. Professional players could hit the ball in an explosive way with both forehand and backhand. The balls are extremely bouncy and have great speed.


Andro Rasanter R53 has decent performance when flicking but makes use of the incoming impact of the ball itself, The ball is popped out without being wrapped into the sponge as it is too hard and there is little dwell time.

So it just hit the ball directly without so much friction but there is a high hit rate. But with less spin, the quality will not be very high and can’t cause enough threat to your opponent.

Andro Rasanter R47 and R48 both have similar and decent performance as they can slightly wrap and bite the ball, although it is not obvious enough. But compared with R53, it is much better. Players can do some high-quality flicks with great spin and speed.


Because of the hardness of R53, the rotation of the incoming ball can be easily eliminated. So players can deal with some balls in the net zone easily with R53.

As for Andro Rasanter R47 and 48, relatively speaking, the ball is easier to pop out, leaving opponents chances to lift up or initiate the ball. But the ball control is still better than that of the T05, especially when doing drop-shots or short pushes. T05 tends to push the ball slightly longer than we expect in the playtest.

Andro Rasanter R47, R48, R53


The denser sponge means stronger resistance in defense, thus it has more solid performance in defense than the other two rubbers. The super hard rubber makes you feel like you are defending with a thick wall, and you are able to block back the ball without doing anything. The rubber can also absorb the power of the heavy incoming loops. In this sense, it’s better than R47 and R48.

Match Suggestion

1. Andro Rasanter R53 is suitable for a softer blade. If it is paired with a hard one such as Butterfly Viscaria, players may struggle to control it well. Honestly speaking, this rubber is only suitable for super high-level pro players.

2. Andro Rasanter R47 and R48 are suitable for a wide range of blades. They are more all-around rubbers that both low and high-level enthusiasts can choose it. It will have a well-balanced performance with soft blades or pure wood blades such as Maze Advance.

And players can also gain excellent offensive performance if paired with hard blades like Viscaria. Overall speaking, you can match it according to your playstyle to decide if you desire more control or more speed.

Andro Rasanter R47, R48, R53


Andro Rasanter R53 sponge is relatively rigid and has great performance in control and defense. But in terms of consistent topspin rallies or lifting up backspin, it is not as good as R47 and R48.

Actually, R53 is not a rubber aimed at ordinary players. It is absolutely not a great choice to use it as forehand. Maybe players can use it to block the ball in the backhand. Similar to Butterfly Aibiss, maybe only very good professional players like Ma long or Timo Boll can use it well.

According to the official description of Andro Rasanter R47 and R48, there has been a slight adjustment. But through the playtest, we find that there is not much difference, and both of them are well-balanced rubber and much better than R53. Especially when lifting up the backspin or doing some active attack. They have around 85-90% performance of Butterfly Tenergy 05, although the control and defense may be slightly inferior to R53.

To sum up, Andro Rasanter R47 and R48 are two more comprehensive rubbers, which can be used to attack or defend. Personally, I would choose R47, not only because of its all-around performance, but also its unique color. I suppose loads of fans have the same thoughts as me lol.


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