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Tibhar Evolution MX-P Review(In-depth)

Tibhar Evolution MX-P

Tibhar Evolution MX-P is a masterpiece of the evolution series and is also currently one of the most well-known and widely used rubbers in the world. Players often compare it with butterfly’s tenergy series or Dignics series.

Most national team players in China will choose the DHS Hurricane series. However, players from Europe or other countries in the world do not have the habit of pouring glue or oil into the rubber or sponge, so they cannot experience the excellent performance of the Hurricane series.

Therefore, most of the top foreign players will choose the rubber of the Butterfly or Tibhar series. So what are the characteristics of these two classics, and what are the differences between them? This blog will give you an in-depth review.

We also list it as one of the best table tennis rubbers. Click the link to read the best 30 table tennis rubbers we recommend.

About Tibhar Company

TIBHAR was established in 1969. The founder is Tibor Harangozo, an internationally renowned table tennis coach and former world-class table tennis player. TIBHAR is headquartered in Saarbrücken, the capital of Saarland, Germany. He took the “Tib” and “Har” from his own name and named the company TIBHAR.

After his death in 1978, the company continued to use “TIBHAR” as its name. In 1969, TIBHAR began to produce table tennis products. Initially, TIBHAR only developed and produced rubbers and blades according to the special requirements of players.

Soon after, TIBHAR’s product series quickly expanded to more fields. Today TIBHAR’s product range is complete, covering a variety of table tennis sports equipment from leisure activities to competitions. Now Tibhar has become one of the most popular brands of table tennis equipment due to the high quality of its products.

Tibhar Evolution MX-P

Who uses Tibhar Evolution MX-P?

Many professional players are fans of Tibhar, most notably Vladimir Samsonov. The Belarusian veteran has a legendary career and is an evergreen in the table tennis community. Since his debut in 1995, he has won numerous honors and championships.

Not long ago, Samsolov announced his retirement. In his nearly 30-year career, the veteran has used the Tibhar evolution MX-P for both his forehand and backhand. It wasn’t until the end of his career that he switched his forehand to the Tibhar evolution MX-P50.

This rubber is an upgraded version of Tibhar evolution MX-P, mainly to deal with the reform of the size and material of table tennis balls issued by the ITTF, which helps players better adapt to the new rules.

Apart from Samsonov, other table tennis pros like Bernadette Szochs from Romania and Jorgic Darko from Slovenia also use Tibhar Evolution MX-P as their weapon.

Tibhar Evolution MX-P

Overview of Tibhar Evolution MX-P

Tibhar Evolution MX-P is an extremely explosive rubber for aggressive players who play offensively. Like the rubbers of the Butterfly tenergy series, it has excellent spin and speed.

Especially when you have high requirements on the quality of return balls in the game, this rubber is undoubtedly a good choice. In addition, the durability of the rubber is very good. If it is properly maintained, the rubber’s catapult effect will not run off for a long time.

Features|Tibhar Evolution MX-P vs Butterfly Dignics 05 vs Victas V>15 Extra vs DHS Hurricane 3(In-depth)


The spin of the serves is not only derived from the rubber surface but also depends on the degree on which the rubber press the ball. In the playtest, I feel that DHS Hurricane Neo, D05, and MXP Evolution MX-P are basically at the same level. After many tests, the overall performance of D05 is better, as the feedback is much better. DHS Hurricane and Tibhar MX-P are not inferior in spin but are not as delicate as D05.

It is worth mentioning that the non-tacky rubber’s spin is not inferior to the tacky rubber. Many athletes are known for their good serves, such as Waldner.

Top Spin

1)Paired with inner carbon blades

The compatibility between DHS Hurricane and Long V is very high. The quality of every stroke is the best. Followed by D05, the D05 sponge has a solid feel, which will make your powerful loop almost invincible when you play in the middle or back court. Apart from that, the arc is not greatly low, on the contrary, it’s quite full. So for those inner carbon blades, pairing with DHS Hurricane Neo or D05 when pooling topspin is better.

2)Paired with outer carbon blades

In the test of outer carbon blade test, we chose the Butterfly Zhang Jike ALC; the feeling is quite different from that of the inner carbon one. Even with the oil-filled DHS Hurricane, the offensive performance is slightly worse than that of the Dignics 05. We must admit that the D05 performs very well on the inner and outer carbon blades.

However, the performance of Tibhar Evolution MX-P in the test was quite amazing. In the attack of the middle and back court, both the arc and the speed of the ball can be fully maximized. It feels like a sudden release of a bow. While the performance of Victas V-15 Extra is quite normal. It’s neither too bad nor too great.

Generally speaking, if you are about to improve your skills or want a stable performance, you can choose V>15 Extra; If you use the inner carbon blade such as Long V to attack, you can choose both DHS Hurricane NEO and D05; But if you use the outer carbon blade, then D05 or Tibhar Evolution MX-P is definitely a better choice.

Tibhar Evolution MX-P


1)Paired with inner carbon blades

Many people think that the grippy rubber will perform better when rubbing with a small force, but this is actually a misunderstanding. If you rub slightly on the hard rubber, it will be easier to miss the ball. This is because the surface of the rubber is relatively hard, and it fails to “bite” the ball under small force.

Therefore, there must be a certain impact to squeeze the ball into the rubber surface and the sponge, so that the rubber and even the bottom of the blade can be deformed, and the spin can be maximized.

When pooling with DHS Hurricane NEO, the arc trajectory of the ball will be relatively low and flat, and it makes the opponent not easy to defend. But the feeling of V>15 Extra on the Long V is better because the rubber surface is softer and can easily rub the ball up.

2)Paired with outer carbon blades

There is a still different feeling experience between inner and outer carbon blades. The Tibhar Evolution MX-P and D05 have excellent integration. When pooling or rubbing up the backspin ball, the ball can be more easily squeezed into the sponge, which produces high-quality deformation and is much easier to lift up the ball.

This is indeed better than the experience of the DHS Hurricane. With an outer carbon blade, the DHS Hurricane NEO  will have the feeling of breaking gear under medium power, which will be a little unfriendly to amateur players.


D05 and the Tibhar Evolution MX-P perform almost perfectly in flicking. It can instantly “eat” the ball in and “spit it out” with a little strength. Thus the ball will gain huge speed and power. However, the V15 Extra is softer and it lacks sufficient speed to pose threat to the opponents, despite the fact that it’s easier to lift the ball up.


In terms of the control in short games, it has to be said that DHS Hurricane NEO has a top-notch feeling. Basically,  the ball can be controlled and placed extremely accurately. This is due to the grippy rubber surface and the unique sponge. V15 Extra is also comparable to DHS Hurricane in dropping shot or short pushing. However, the D05 and the Tibhar Evolution MX-P are slightly inferior to them.

Flat hits

The Tibhar Evolution MX-P generates killer speed when hitting the ball flatly as it seems like a rubber made in heaven. If you hit or smash a lot, then this rubber will be a very good choice. It was followed by the D05, then the V15 Extra, and finally the DHS Hurricane. That may be why when we watch games of Chinese players, we often find that they switch to the backhand to smash the ball when the ball becomes higher.

Tibhar Evolution MX-P


Rubbers of such kind level are extremely solid and stable when blocking. However, DHS Hurricane’s defensive experience will feel better, and the support from the sponge will be more solid.

Who is it for?

Both D05 and Tibhar Evolution MX-P are killer rubbers that are very suitable for offensive play. If you desire a more powerful or explosive game, there is no doubt about choosing them as the loops or smashes are almost deadly.
DHS Hurricane NEO Blue Sponge is very stable and has excellent control. It is suitable for players who have good strength.

Compared with the rubbers above, the performance of V>15 Extra is more balanced and moderate, which is suitable for a comprehensive and steady play style. Especially for players who prefer to control the rhythm of the game such as Koki Niwa, this rubber is undoubtedly a great choice.

Tibhar Evolution MX-P


After the test, we come to the conclusion that Tibhar Evolution MX-P is quite a killer rubber for those offensive players. It’s better to match with an outer carbon blade like the Butterfly Zhang Jike ZLC. But please note that this rubber is not proper for beginners as it requires lots of practice to be used to it.

Unlike those advanced ones, beginners cannot make necessary adjustments to their strokes when looping or driving so they may make lots of mistakes in games. But in my opinion, if you have years’ practice for table tennis, definitely you could give it a try.


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