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Top 12 best ping pong brands(Butterfly, Donic, Joola, and more)

best ping pong brands

For table tennis players, whether they are beginners or professional ones, it is common to buy table tennis blades and rubber sheets. As a result, I often receive a range of questions, such as which are the best ping pong brands? What are the unique characteristics of Chinese rubbers? Are Japanese blades superior, or are German blades better? These are the kinds of inquiries I frequently encounter.

With nearly 20 years of experience playing table tennis, competing in professional leagues in China and Spain, and having taught numerous students, I have had the opportunity to interact with almost every table tennis brand and use a wide variety of blades and rubbers. Consequently, in my previous blog posts, I have recommended various kinds of table tennis rubbers and blades, including the best long pips, the top short pips options, and the best defensive paddles, among others.

In today’s article, I will provide an overview of the leading table tennis brands available on the market. Many of these reputable brands originate from countries like China, Japan, Sweden, or Germany and have established a solid track record over several decades. You can rely on these well-established brands when making your purchase, taking into account your playing style and specific requirements. If you are interested, you can also refer to my previous blog for some insightful reviews.

Chinese Table Tennis Brands

DHS(Double Happiness)

Double Happiness Sports or DHS is a famous Chinese sporting goods company, specializing in table tennis (ping pong) equipment. Founded in the mid-1950s, it is named after the Chinese character for “Double Happiness,” which is often used in Chinese culture to signify joyous occasions such as weddings.

DHS has been the official table tennis equipment supplier for multiple international competitions, such as the Olympic Games and World Table Tennis Championships, affirming its world-class quality and reputation. The brand offers a comprehensive range of table tennis gear, including tables, balls, rackets, and rubbers. Known for their top-notch quality, these products are used by both professionals and enthusiasts alike.

best ping pong brands

The brand is perhaps most recognized for its table tennis balls, which have been the official balls of many international competitions, including the Olympics. The balls are praised for their consistent bounce and durability. DHS also offers high-quality rackets, which can be customized according to the user’s preference in terms of speed, spin, and control.

In the world of table tennis rubbers, DHS is especially renowned for their Hurricane series, used by many top-level players. These rubbers are well-regarded for their speed and spin capabilities, allowing players to generate high levels of power and rotation on their shots.

best ping pong brands

Featured products of DHS

  • DHS Hurricane 3: This is one of the most famous DHS rubbers, especially popular among professional players. It’s known for its incredible spin and speed, allowing players to make aggressive shots with high precision.
  • DHS NEO Hurricane 3: An improved version of the classic Hurricane 3, the NEO series incorporates a tacky top sheet with a softer sponge layer, creating an ideal balance between speed and spin. This rubber is perfect for players who prefer a faster and more aggressive play style.
  • DHS Hurricane Long 5: This is a premium table tennis blade favoured by many professional players. Named after the renowned table tennis player Ma Long, this blade is designed for aggressive, offensive play. It is constructed with 5 wood layers and 2 layers of Arylate-Carbon fiber, which provide excellent speed and power while maintaining a good level of control. The DHS Hurricane Long 5 is often paired with rubbers like the DHS Hurricane 3 for a truly powerful, high-spin racket setup. It is known for its impressive stability, making it excellent for both looping close to the table and counter-looping further from the table.
  • DHS A4002 Double Happiness Table Tennis Racket: This pre-assembled paddle is designed for all-round play. It comes with high-quality rubber and a comfortable grip, making it a good option for both beginners and intermediate players.
  • DHS 3-Star D40+ Table Tennis Balls: These are the official balls used in many international competitions, including the Olympics. They’re known for their consistent bounce, durability, and roundness.



Friendship, also known as Friendship 729, is a well-established Chinese brand that produces equipment for table tennis. The brand is part of the Beijing Friendship Rubber Products Research Institute, which dates back to 1956.

Friendship 729 has made a name for itself in the table tennis world for delivering high-quality products at affordable prices. They produce a wide range of equipment, including rubbers, blades, pre-assembled rackets, balls, and other accessories. Their products cater to a broad spectrum of players, from beginners to professionals.

best ping pong brands

One of the most recognized offerings from Friendship is their range of rubbers. They offer a variety of rubbers with different characteristics, catering to diverse playstyles. The brand’s rubbers are appreciated for their excellent spin and control features, and are particularly well-regarded among players who prefer a more tactical and controlled playstyle.

What I like most of Friendship’s rubber is its high cost-effectiveness. I can always find the cheap rubber but with great performance. Espeically when I was a poor student it accompanied with me to pass the difficult time as I wasn’t able to afford expensive rubber like Butterfly T05.

Their blades are also a popular choice among table tennis enthusiasts. Made with a range of materials and catering to various styles of play, Friendship blades offer a good balance between price and performance.

best ping pong brands

Featured products of Friendship

  • Friendship 729 Super FX: This is perhaps the most iconic product from Friendship 729. It’s a rubber known for its control and spin, making it a favorite among players who prioritize precision and strategy in their game. It’s also quite affordable compared to similar products from other brands.
  • Friendship 729-2: The 729-2 is another popular rubber produced by Friendship 729. Known for its high speed and strong spin capabilities, this rubber is often chosen by players who prefer an aggressive, offensive playstyle. The 729-2 is typically noted for its tacky top sheet, which enhances spin generation on strokes, and its soft sponge, which allows for impressive speed while maintaining control. This rubber is a versatile choice, suitable for attacking players who prioritize powerful top spins in their gameplay.
  • Friendship 729 Bomb Blade: This is a popular blade choice among table tennis players. It’s known for its speed and power, making it suitable for aggressive, offensive players. Despite its high performance, it’s also relatively inexpensive, which adds to its appeal.
  • Friendship 729 Focus III Snipe: This rubber offers high speed and a significant amount of spin. It’s designed for aggressive players who like to play close to the table or at mid-distance.
  • Friendship 729 Training Balls: Their training balls are known for their durability and consistent performance. They’re an excellent choice for players looking to practice and improve their skills.
  • Friendship 729 Master Blade: Many people may not be familiar with the blade of the Friendship but it indeed has some classic products. This blade is known for its control and balance. It is a good choice for players who prefer a more defensive or all-round playstyle.



Sanwei is a well-recognized Chinese brand known for producing high-quality table tennis equipment. The company is based in Beijing, China, and they have been a part of the table tennis industry for many years.

Sanwei’s product lineup includes a wide range of equipment for table tennis players of all skill levels. They manufacture table tennis rackets, balls, nets, and tables. In particular, they are known for their table tennis blades and rubbers, which are highly regarded by both professional and amateur players for their performance and durability. Many of their products are approved by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), making them suitable for use in professional tournaments.

best ping pong brands

The company has a commitment to technological innovation in the design and manufacturing of their products. They are known for implementing cutting-edge technologies in their table tennis equipment, such as ACS technology (Accelerated Carbon Synergy) and TUO technology in their rackets, providing excellent speed, spin, and control to the players.

best ping pong brands

Featured products of Sanwei

  • Sanwei Parla: Part of Sanwei’s Trio Series, the Parla blade is a 5-ply all-wood blade built for control and feel. It features high-quality Ayous wood as the core layer, combined with the Koto outer layer, resulting in excellent ball control and stable looping. It’s a great choice for developing players focused on improving their technical skills.
  • Sanwei Echo: The Echo blade, also from the Trio Series, is considered one of Sanwei’s best 5-ply blades. Made from specially selected Koto and Ayous wood, the blade provides a great balance between speed, control, and spin, making it a suitable choice for versatile, all-round players.
  • Sanwei Palamid: Part of the Expert Carbon series, the Palamid blade is a 5-ply blade with carbon fiber layers. This blade offers excellent speed while maintaining a good amount of control, making it suitable for players with an offensive style. Carbon fiber layers enhance the blade’s stability and power, delivering faster and stronger shots.
  • Sanwei Gear Hyper: This is a high-performance rubber from Sanwei’s Gear series. Known for its high speed and strong spin capabilities, the Gear Hyper features a high-tension top sheet and a “Hyper” sponge, promising dynamic ball performance. It’s an ideal choice for aggressive offensive players who value speed and spin in their game.
  • Sanwei Target National 2: Part of the Target series, the Target National 2 is an upgraded version of the Target National. The rubber offers a higher level of speed and spin, delivering a better feel and precision to the player. This rubber is built for professional players or those who desire a high-level competitive game.
  • Sanwei T88 New Ultra Spin: The T88 New Ultra Spin is designed to offer excellent spin control. With its high-tension top sheet and dense sponge, it allows for a variety of spins and enables more tactical play. It’s a suitable choice for players who focus on spin in their gameplay.
  • Sanwei ABS 3-Star Table Tennis Balls: These are high-quality balls suitable for professional and tournament play. They meet the rigorous standards of the ITTF.


Japanese & Korean Table Tennis Brands


Butterfly is a highly respected brand in the world of table tennis, known for producing top-quality equipment. The brand was established in Japan in 1950 by Hikosuke Tamasu, a former Japanese table tennis player. Nowadays, Butterfly is regarded as one of the most successful ping pong brands worldwide.

Known for its high standards of craftsmanship and its focus on technological innovation, Butterfly offers an extensive range of table tennis products, including rackets (blades and rubbers), balls, tables, shoes, and clothing. Their product lineup is designed to cater to players of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals.

best ping pong brands

Butterfly’s blades are prized for their fine workmanship and cutting-edge design. They offer a wide variety of blades to cater to different playing styles, whether defensive or offensive. Some of their notable blades include the Timo Boll series and Viscaria.

Butterfly manufactures high-performance rubbers known for their superior speed, spin, and control. Among them, the Tenergy series has gained a reputation as one of the best rubbers on the market, used by many top-level professional players. You can read our review about Tenergy 05 through clicking the link.

best ping pong brands

Featured products of Butterfly

There are tons of classic ping pong equipment produced by the Butterfly Company. Here we only list some of them for you to make a reference.

  • Butterfly Timo Boll ALC Blade: This blade is a collaboration with Timo Boll, one of the world’s top players, and features Butterfly’s Arylate-Carbon technology, which is known for enhancing speed and reducing vibration for better control. The blade itself has a medium feel and is ideal for close-to-the-table and mid-distance aggressive play, providing excellent response for topspin against topspin play. This blend of speed and control makes it a favourite among offensive-oriented players.
  • Butterfly Viscaria Blade: The Viscaria blade utilises the same Arylate-Carbon fibre layers found in the Timo Boll ALC, which offer high reaction and control levels. The Viscaria’s design emphasises speed and spin without sacrificing control, making it a popular choice among offensive players who require good touch for precise placement. Its unique feature is its slightly larger head size which provides a larger sweet spot.
  • Butterfly Tenergy 05 Rubber: Tenergy 05 is one of Butterfly’s premier rubbers, offering a great combination of speed and spin. It features Butterfly’s proprietary Spring Sponge technology and High Tension rubber surface for improved speed and dynamic response. It’s particularly known for its performance on topspin and counter-topspin play, both close to the table and from mid-distance.
  • Butterfly Dignics 05 Rubber: As an advanced model in Butterfly’s rubber lineup, Dignics 05 utilises Butterfly’s Spring Sponge X technology for enhanced precision and power, providing a high level of stability in aggressive play. The surface grip of Dignics 05 aids in heavy spin and its hard sponge enables powerful shots, making it suitable for players who employ a strategic offensive game.
  • Butterfly G40+ 3-Star Ball: This ball is ITTF-approved for use in international competitions. Made of a plastic material as per the recent changes in ITTF regulations, it’s designed to offer a very round, uniform shape with a refreshingly crisp and vibrant bounce. Its reliable performance and durability are appreciated by players at all levels, from amateurs to professionals.


Yasaka is a prestigious table tennis equipment manufacturer that originated in Japan. The company was founded in 1947 by Mr Hirosi Yaoita and Mr Sakamoto, with its name “Yasaka” being a combination of parts of their respective family names.

Over the years, Yasaka has developed a reputation for providing high-quality table tennis products. They produce a wide range of equipment including blades, rubbers, balls, tables, apparel, and accessories, making Yasaka a comprehensive provider for both professional and amateur table tennis players.

best ping pong brands

Yasaka’s blades are celebrated for their craftsmanship, durability, and performance. They offer a variety of blades suited to different play styles, from defensive to offensive.

Yasaka rubbers, particularly the Mark V series, are globally recognised and appreciated by players of all levels. These rubbers are known for their balance of speed, spin, and control.

best ping pong brands

Featured products of Yasaka

  • Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive Blade: Inspired by the playing style of Ma Lin, who was known for his aggressive attacking game, this blade provides players with an excellent balance of speed and control. The blade is constructed using a combination of softer and harder ply woods to generate power for offensive shots, while still maintaining control for delicate play. The penhold version emulates Ma Lin’s own grip, while the shakehand version caters to Western players.
  • Yasaka Rakza 7 Rubber: The Rakza 7 rubber utilises Yasaka’s Hybrid Energy system, combining natural and synthetic rubbers for enhanced performance. This technology results in improved grip, allowing the rubber to “hold” the ball a bit longer, enabling high spin rates for powerful offensive shots. Despite its high speed and spin capabilities, it still offers a good level of control, which makes it suitable for aggressive players who do not want to sacrifice too much precision.
  • Yasaka Mark V Rubber: An iconic product in the world of table tennis, the Mark V rubber is widely recognized for its versatility. It provides a great balance of speed, spin, and control, making it suitable for a wide variety of play styles. Its consistent performance and durability make it an excellent choice for players transitioning from beginner to intermediate skill levels, helping them to develop and refine their technique.
  • Yasaka Sweden Extra Blade: This all-wood blade is made using traditional Swedish manufacturing techniques, offering players a unique feel and excellent control. Its five-ply structure provides a balanced performance that suits an all-around style of play. The Sweden Extra Blade is especially appreciated by players who value ball placement and consistency in their game.
  • Yasaka 3-Star 40+ Balls: These balls are made to the highest standards, adhering to ITTF regulations for international competition. Their uniform roundness ensures consistent bounce, and the use of high-quality materials in their construction results in impressive durability. Players often commend the Yasaka 3-Star 40+ balls for their predictability during play, which aids in achieving accuracy in shots.


XIOM is a globally recognized brand in the world of table tennis that specializes in manufacturing high-quality equipment for players at all levels. It was established in South Korea in the early 1970s, initially operating under the name Champion before rebranding as XIOM in 2007. The brand’s philosophy is centered on continuous innovation and the use of advanced technology in their products.

XIOM’s table tennis rubbers are known for their high speed, spin, and control characteristics. They feature innovative technologies such as Tensor Bios, which is designed to enhance the rubber’s grip and speed. I have noticed that lots of European players use XIOM’s rubbers in their daily training and games.

best ping pong brands

Featured products of  XIOM

  • XIOM Vega Pro Rubber: The Vega Pro is one of XIOM’s flagship products and has been highly rated by many table tennis players. Its “Carbo Sponge” technology gives the rubber additional power, while the “Hyper Elasto” top sheet ensures maximum spin. The balance of speed, spin, and control makes this rubber suitable for aggressive players who do not want to compromise on control. Moreover, it’s particularly popular among players who employ fast, spin-heavy shots in their games.
  • XIOM Omega V Tour Rubber: This rubber is designed for aggressive offensive players who prioritize speed and spin. The Omega V Tour features a firmer “Carbo Sponge” which results in a higher throw angle and a fast, linear ball trajectory. This rubber has high power levels, and when paired with its spin capabilities, it can make a player’s attacks very potent. Despite its offensive capabilities, it still offers a decent level of control, especially on high-speed shots.
  • XIOM Stradivarius Blade: The Stradivarius blade is appreciated for its combination of speed and control, making it an excellent choice for offensive players who still value precision. Its construction includes advanced materials like carbon and synthetic fibers, which enhance the blade’s performance by adding power to shots without sacrificing accuracy. The composition of the blade gives it a clean, crisp feel, with minimal vibration.
  • XIOM Hayabusa Zi Blade: The Hayabusa Zi blends traditional and modern materials to create a unique playing experience. It pairs wood with synthetic fibers to achieve a balance of performance characteristics. This makes it a versatile blade that suits players who fluctuate between offensive and defensive plays. It is recognized for its speed and spin capabilities while maintaining a level of control and feel typical of all-wood blades.
  • XIOM 3-Star Plastic Balls: These balls are used in many competitions globally due to their quality and consistency. The 3-Star Plastic Balls from XIOM are ITTF approved and are manufactured to meet high standards of roundness and uniformity, leading to consistent bounce and trajectory. Their durability ensures they can withstand intense play, making them a favorite among both professional and amateur players.

best ping pong brands

Sweden & Germany Table Tennis Brands


Donic is a well-known and highly respected brand in the field of table tennis. Established in Germany over 25 years ago, it has become a leading provider of high-quality table tennis equipment worldwide.

Donic specializes in producing a wide range of table tennis equipment, including blades, rubbers, balls, tables, clothing, and various accessories. Their products are appreciated for their quality, innovation, and the use of advanced technology.

best ping pong brands

Blades and rubbers are particularly recognized in Donic’s product range. Donic collaborates with some of the world’s top table tennis players to develop blades and rubbers. This involvement ensures that Donic products meet the requirements of different playing styles at all levels, from beginners to advanced players. Notable table tennis champions such as Jan-Ove Waldner and Dimitrij Ovtcharov have had their equipment lines with Donic.


Featured products of Donic

  • Donic Waldner Senso Carbon Blade: This blade is part of Donic’s “Waldner Line,” named after the legendary Swedish player Jan-Ove Waldner. The Waldner Senso Carbon Blade features two carbon layers sandwiched between high-quality Swedish wood. This design imparts a great balance of speed and control to the blade, making it versatile for different playing styles. The “Senso” technology in the handle ensures excellent feedback for the player, contributing to improved feel and precision.
  • Donic Ovtcharov No. 1 Senso Blade: Developed in collaboration with Dimitrij Ovtcharov, one of the top players in the world, this blade is intended for aggressive, offensive play. The combination of carefully chosen wood layers provides the blade with exceptional power and speed. Yet, it doesn’t compromise on control, thanks to the “Senso” technology used in the handle, which ensures great feedback on ball contact.
  • Donic Bluefire M1 Turbo Rubber: The Bluefire M1 Turbo is a rubber designed with the aggressive, attacking player in mind. It is known for its high speed and spin capabilities, owing to its unique sponge and rubber surface design. The Turbo version takes these characteristics a step further, providing even more speed and spin, helping players deliver powerful, spin-heavy shots.
  • Donic Acuda Blue P1 Rubber: The Acuda Blue P1 is a high-speed rubber with excellent spin capabilities. It is known for its “speed-gluing” effect, which refers to the increased speed and spin resulting from the rubber’s unique composition and the sponge’s large-pored structure. This rubber offers a good balance of speed, spin, and control, making it suitable for players at various skill levels, from amateurs to professionals.
  • Donic 3-Star 40+ Plastic Balls: These are ITTF approved plastic balls used in numerous competitions worldwide. The Donic 3-Star 40+ balls are highly rated for their consistent bounce, roundness, and durability. They offer excellent playability and can withstand intense play, making them a popular choice for both tournament and high-level training purposes.


Established in 1934 in Sweden, Stiga has emerged as an industry titan in the realm of table tennis, known for its high-quality equipment and its commitment to innovation. With almost a century’s worth of experience, Stiga has become a brand synonymous with excellence in table tennis.

Over the years, Stiga has honed its craftsmanship to create a wide array of table tennis equipment that caters to all types of players and skill levels. Its product portfolio is comprehensive and ranges from blades and rubbers to balls, tables, apparel, and a broad selection of accessories. Some of the world’s most accomplished table tennis players, including numerous Olympic and World Championship medalists, have chosen Stiga products for their reliability and performance-enhancing characteristics.

best ping pong brands

I can recall that when I was young, lots of my peers used Stiga blades due to its great speed and performance.

Stiga’s vision goes beyond simply manufacturing table tennis equipment. They strive to enrich the player’s experience and contribute to the sport’s global growth. By understanding and anticipating players’ needs, Stiga continually refines its products and introduces innovative solutions that push the boundaries of what’s possible in table tennis equipment.

Featured products of Stiga

  • Stiga Allround Classic Blade: This blade is a testimony to Stiga’s dedication to quality and performance. The Allround Classic Blade boasts a design that caters to players who prefer a balanced style of play, offering a blend of speed and control that’s hard to match. Its 5-ply all-wood construction gives the blade a comfortable, familiar feel, and the design encourages precise, controlled strokes. This blade is suitable for players who vary their game and combine attack with defense.
  • Stiga Clipper Wood Blade: The Clipper Wood blade, made up of 7 layers of wood, is famous for delivering substantial speed and power. It is ideal for offensive players who want to keep their opponents under pressure with fast and powerful shots. Despite its bias towards attack, the Clipper Wood doesn’t compromise on control. This balance allows players to switch between aggressive shots and measured returns seamlessly, offering a versatile tool that adapts to the flow of the match.
  • Stiga DNA Pro M Rubber: The DNA Pro M Rubber is part of Stiga’s first made-in-Germany rubber series. It is designed with the needs of professional and highly skilled amateur players in mind. Its medium-hard sponge offers a great balance of speed and spin, enabling powerful strokes without sacrificing control. With its unique pimple geometry and premium rubber compound, it allows for a wide range of strokes and suits an offensive playstyle.
  • Stiga Mantra H Rubber: The Mantra H Rubber is designed for players who prefer an aggressive game. Known for its hardness, it delivers a high level of speed and spin, making it perfect for close-to-the-table attacks and mid-distance shots. Its hard sponge and advanced rubber composition make the Mantra H a formidable weapon for players who like to maintain constant pressure on their opponents.
  • Stiga Optimum 40+ 3-Star ABS Balls: These ITTF-approved balls stand out for their consistent bounce and high durability, making them a standard choice for numerous competitions and tournaments worldwide. Stiga Optimum 40+ balls are designed to perform consistently regardless of playing conditions, offering players a reliable and predictable behavior that can be crucial during high-stakes matches. Their excellent roundness and hardness translate to accurate and consistent performance, which is vital in professional play.


JOOLA is a renowned table tennis brand that originated in Germany. The brand was established in the 1950s and has since become a recognized name in the global table tennis community.

JOOLA is renowned for its wide range of high-quality table tennis products. Their product lineup includes everything from table tennis tables to rackets, balls, and various table tennis-related accessories. The brand prides itself on its commitment to innovation, design, and quality, often incorporating the latest technology into their products.

best ping pong brands

Over the years, JOOLA has been a sponsor and supplier for various important table tennis events. The company was the official table sponsor for the Olympic Games in 1996, 2000, and 2004, as well as numerous European and World Championships. This has significantly increased their visibility on the global stage and solidified their reputation as a top-tier table tennis brand.

JOOLA caters to table tennis players of all levels, from beginners to professionals. They also offer a wide range of products specifically designed for clubs and institutions, demonstrating their commitment to promoting and supporting the sport at every level. Whether you’re a casual player or an aspiring champion, JOOLA offers a broad selection of products designed to enhance your table tennis experience.

best ping pong brands

Featured products of JOOLA

  • JOOLA Rhyzer 48 Rubber: The Rhyzer 48 is not just a rubber; it’s a tool for high-level players seeking to optimize their offensive gameplay. Its unique design, featuring a thin top sheet and larger-pored sponge, creates an ideal surface for maximum ball contact. This results in an exceptional catapult effect, allowing for high trajectory shots that can catch opponents off guard. If you’re an aggressive player who values speed and spin, the Rhyzer 48 could elevate your game to new heights.
  • JOOLA Fever Blade: The Fever blade is a testament to JOOLA’s commitment to combining traditional craftsmanship with innovative technology. This blade offers the best of both worlds: speed from its Meliorate Carbon layers and control from its wooden veneers. With an enlarged sweet spot, this blade delivers great control even at high speeds, helping players command the game through precise, powerful shots.
  • JOOLA Xylo 7 Blade: The Xylo 7 blade is designed with precision in mind. Crafted using top-tier wood veneers and a special synthetic fiber, it offers a unique blend of speed and control. Despite its power, the Xylo 7 doesn’t sacrifice on control. Even during fast, spin-heavy rallies, players can rely on this blade to deliver precision, making it a solid choice for those whose playstyle involves a mix of power and strategic placement.
  • JOOLA Dynaryz AGR Rubber: Built for those who don’t just play the game but command it, the Dynaryz AGR rubber is the epitome of power and spin. With Advanced Traction Surface technology, this rubber ensures optimum interaction between the ball and the rubber, resulting in extraordinary spin. Coupled with its hard sponge, it supports aggressive players who favour powerful strokes and high-speed play, enabling them to dominate the game.
  • JOOLA Dynaryz CMD Rubber: The Dynaryz CMD rubber is for the strategic player. With a medium-hard sponge, it offers a balance of speed, spin, and control. Its Hyper Bounce technology and Advanced Traction Surface combine to provide an enhanced feel for the ball, perfect for those precise shots that can make or break a game. Players looking for a balance between offensive and defensive play will find the Dynaryz CMD an excellent choice.

Other Table Tennis Brands


Tibhar is a well-known name in the world of table tennis, synonymous with high-quality equipment and accessories used by both professionals and amateurs. The brand was established in 1969 by Tibor Harangozo, a renowned international table tennis player and coach, who decided to use the first letters of his name to form the brand’s name, “Tibhar”.

Headquartered in Saarbrücken, Germany, Tibhar has spent over half a century building its reputation as a premium table tennis brand. The company offers a wide range of products, including blades, rubbers, balls, tables, and various other equipment and accessories. Tibhar’s products are recognized for their innovative design, excellent craftsmanship, and consistent performance, meeting the high standards expected by players at all levels.

best ping pong brands

Several notable players have chosen to use Tibhar equipment in their professional careers, including the European Champion and World Cup winner Vladimir Samsonov, further testifying to the brand’s quality.

Tibhar is dedicated not only to the production of top-quality table tennis equipment but also to the promotion of the sport itself. The company sponsors various events and athletes globally, contributing to the development and popularization of table tennis.

best ping pong brands

Featured products of Tibhar

  • Tibhar Evolution MX-P Rubber: One of the most popular choices among advanced and professional players, the Evolution MX-P is regarded for its dynamic speed and spin capabilities. The rubber’s surface adheres well to the ball, resulting in impressive spin, while the hard sponge offers maximum speed and a catapult-like effect. It’s best suited for offensive players with powerful, fast-paced playing styles who also like to incorporate spin in their game.
  • Tibhar Grass D.TecS Rubber: This long pimple rubber is a standout in the world of defensive play. The Grass D.TecS rubber is highly valued for its disruptive effect, which can throw off an opponent’s rhythm and control. Additionally, it enables unique shot-making, allowing players to make chopping strokes and deceptive spin changes that can be difficult for their opponents to predict or return.
  • Tibhar Samsonov Force Pro Black Edition Blade: Named after the table tennis legend Vladimir Samsonov, this blade represents the perfect combination of speed and control. Designed with 7 layers – 5 wooden and 2 carbon – it offers a fantastic feel and feedback on ball contact, allowing for precise and powerful shots. This blade is suitable for almost all playing strategies, from fast counter-attacks to spin-oriented offensive play.
  • Tibhar Hybrid K1 European Version Rubber: The Hybrid K1 is a highly versatile rubber that offers excellent control, speed, and spin. The adhesive surface allows for high spin values and the medium-hard sponge ensures a high trajectory and great potential for speed. This rubber is suitable for players with versatile offensive strategies, as it provides stability for blocking and counter-attacks while also excelling in topspin play.
  • Tibhar 3-Star SL 40+ Plastic Balls: These are top-of-the-line, competition-grade balls that meet the strict standards of the ITTF. Known for their durability, consistent bounce, and precise roundness, these balls are used in various international competitions. They offer reliable performance, helping players to maintain consistency in their game.



Nittaku is a well-known brand in the world of table tennis, originating from Japan. The company was founded in 1885, although it began manufacturing table tennis equipment in 1947. Nittaku, whose name translates to “Japan Table Tennis”, is highly regarded in the table tennis community for the premium quality of its products.

best ping pong brands

Nittaku is the only ball brand approved by both the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) and the Japan Table Tennis Association (JTTA), underlining the high standards and exceptional quality of its products. Nittaku 3-Star Premium 40+ balls are considered by many as the best balls in the sport due to their consistent bounce, excellent roundness, and high durability.

The company offers a wide range of table tennis equipment, including blades, rubbers, balls, tables, and apparel, among others. Nittaku sponsors several professional players worldwide and is a prominent presence at major table tennis tournaments.

best ping pong brands

Featured products of Nittaku

  • Nittaku Acoustic Blade: The Acoustic blade is highly favored due to its outstanding feel and exceptional control, attributed to Nittaku’s unique “wooden soul” technology. Its construction features a unique layering of wood veneers that resonates with the impact of the ball, providing enhanced feedback to the player. It’s suitable for a wide range of players who want a blade that offers an excellent balance of speed and control.
  • Nittaku Fastarc G-1 Rubber: The Fastarc G-1 rubber is designed with Nittaku’s “Fastarc” technology, enabling high speed and extreme spin. The top sheet is designed for maximum tension and the sponge layer works in conjunction to allow for aggressive shots without losing control. This makes it ideal for offensive players who prioritize speed and spin in their gameplay.
  • Nittaku Moristo SP Rubber: The Moristo SP rubber is a high-performance rubber that offers a great balance between speed, spin, and control. It features a high-tension top sheet over a hard sponge, resulting in impressive speed and spin, while maintaining a level of control that allows for precision in shot placement.
  • Nittaku Tenor Blade: The Tenor Blade is a 7-ply blade known for its high speed and exceptional feedback. It offers a great balance of power and control, making it suitable for both offensive and defensive play styles. The high-quality construction also provides excellent vibration properties, enhancing the feel upon ball impact.
  • Nittaku 3-Star Premium 40+ Balls: These balls are highly respected in the table tennis world, known for their consistent bounce, roundness, and durability. The Nittaku 3-Star Premium 40+ balls are ITTF-approved and frequently used in high-level competitions and tournaments worldwide. They are often praised for their outstanding performance and are considered by many to be among the best balls in the sport.


Gewo is a renowned German table tennis brand that has been in the business for several decades. Its origin traces back to the 1950s, when it was founded by the German table tennis player, Werner Schlager. Ever since, it has been committed to designing and manufacturing high-quality table tennis equipment that meets the requirements of players at various skill levels.

Gewo offers a wide range of products, including blades, rubbers, balls, clothing, and other accessories. The brand has been successful in maintaining a balance of traditional craftsmanship and innovation in its product development. It utilizes advanced technologies and high-quality materials to ensure its products deliver top performance.

best ping pong brands

One of the brand’s core missions is to support and promote table tennis at every level, from the grassroots to the professional stage. As such, Gewo is a prominent sponsor of several international tournaments and supports a number of professional players and clubs worldwide.

Featured products of Gewo

  • Gewo Zoom Pro Light Blade: Crafted with an all-wood design, the Zoom Pro Light Blade prioritizes both speed and control. The lighter weight of the blade provides an advantage in rapid exchanges, enabling swift maneuvers and counterattacks. This makes it an ideal choice for agile players who rely on speed and swift reactions during their play.
  • Gewo Hype EL Pro 40.0 Rubber: The Hype EL Pro 40.0 rubber is a technological marvel, boasting an elastic rubber surface that significantly enhances spin and control. This feature makes it exceptionally well-suited for players who employ a variable topspin play style, offering them an extra edge in spinning the ball with great control.
  • Gewo Nexxus EL Pro 48 Rubber: As a professional-grade rubber, the Nexxus EL Pro 48 is renowned for its impressive speed and spin capabilities. These characteristics make it a valuable addition for players with an aggressive, attacking style, providing them with the ability to deliver fast and highly spun shots that can unsettle their opponents.
  • Gewo Thunderball 3-Star 40+ ABS Balls: These balls are officially approved by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), and are celebrated for their reliable bounce and remarkable durability. They have been chosen for use in a variety of competitions around the world, solidifying their reputation as high-performance, trustworthy table tennis balls.
  • Gewo Alvaro Robles Off Blade: This blade was developed in collaboration with Spanish table tennis professional Alvaro Robles. Offering excellent feel and control, this blade also maintains impressive speed, making it the perfect tool for an offensive play style. The balance of speed and control gives players the freedom to execute a wide range of shots, from fast attacks to spin-oriented strokes.

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