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Butterfly Liu Shiwen ZLF Review|Best blade for girls

butterfly liu shiwen zlf review

Butterfly Liu Shiwen ZLF is a world-renowned table tennis blade. which has been used by some of the greatest players in the world, including Liu Shiwen herself. The blade is known for its exceptional speed and control, making it a favorite among competitive players.

It is also popular among recreational players for its forgiving nature. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, it seems a great choice for anyone looking to improve their game.

About Liu Shiwen

Liu Shiwen is a Chinese table tennis player. She started playing table tennis when she was 6 years old and joined the Chinese national team when she was 16. Liu has won numerous championships, including the gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics. She is currently ranked #1 in the world by the International Table Tennis Federation.

butterfly liu shiwen zlf review

Liu is not only known for her fast and aggressive play style, but also for her mental toughness, as she has come back from behind to win several matches. Liu is one of the most successful table tennis players of all time, and she is still only 28 years old. She is a true ambassador for the sport, and she is sure to continue her success for many years to come.

About Butterfly Company

Butterfly is a world leader in table tennis. The company has been manufacturing high-quality table tennis equipment for over 50 years. Equipment from Butterfly is used by many of the world’s top players, and the company sponsors several professional teams. Butterfly is committed to providing the highest quality table tennis products and services to its customers. We have introduced lots of classical blades such as Butterfly Timo Boll ALC, Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC, Butterfly Lin Gaoyuan Super ZLC, etc. Liu Shiwen ZLF is the first one that we have talked about in the name of a female player.

Overview of Liu Shiwen ZLF

Liu Shiwen ZLF weighs 87 grams and has a thickness of 5.65mm. It can be seen that the paddle itself is not very heavy and the thickness is moderate, which is suitable for most players. The workmanship and design of it are very exquisite, and on the surface, there is a phoenix taking off, which is very oriental. In traditional Chinese myths and legends, the phoenix is the king of birds, a symbol of auspiciousness and auspiciousness and harmony. The structure of Liu Shiwen ZLF is the classic 7-layer structure of the butterfly, with inner ZLF fiber.

butterfly liu shiwen zlf review


Liu Shiwen ZLF is able to hit the ball with great speed and attack in an extremely offensive way. whether it is a forehand attack or a quick backhand flash hit. Especially at the close-to-middle distance from the table, it has a very good offensive feeling. Every single stroke is quite powerful and stable.

The overall feeling of the blade is quite comfortable and relatively speaking, W968 is still a little heavier, and Butterfly Viscaria also has an inferior feeling. In general, players can loop the ball with great speed and clear feeling under medium and small force, which is quite friendly for beginners.


Despite the speed in the near court being quite fast, it lacks support or top power when looping far away from the table. The blade cannot give players sufficient support in the middle court like W968 or Viscaria, but it can wrap the ball well and generate amounts of spin easily.

The loops from the middle court are not explosive or powerful as Butterfly Viscaria, but it’s quite friendly for girls or amateur players who lack sufficient strength. But it’s not suitable for male players who have extremely offensive and explosive playstyle.



This blade is similar to Timo Boll ZLC to some extent. It is not like a blade with carbon fiber inserted, but it retains a woody feel. So whether it is offense or defense, it feels very stable and continuous. It is more stable than Butterfly Viscaria in terms of drop-shots or short pushes.

But personally speaking, I suppose that it is not as good as W968. In addition to this, another thing to note is that this blade is only available in the FL version, which is a long handle that is more suitable for Asian players. This may be its only fly in the ointment, some European athletes may not feel comfortable holding the racket.


The overall defense is not as good as Viscaria and w968. Faced with heavy loop drives, it requires smaller angles and proper wrist motion, otherwise, the ball may be out. The weight distribution of Liu Shiwen ZLF is quite balanced and it has a decent dwell time, so advanced players can also block the ball back more offensively.

butterfly liu shiwen zlf review

Who is it for?

Male and female professional players have distinct playstyles, so there are different blades that are suitable for them. Generally speaking, in China, we will find those female players rarely use W968 or Zhang Jike Super ZLC, but prefer Liu Shiwen ZLF.

butterfly liu shiwen zlf review

Of course, some amateur players lack sufficient strength, and this blade can also be considered. Additionally, the control of  Liu Shiwen ZLF itself is not particularly good, so good basic skills are needed. Overall, it is suitable for medium and high-level players who are good at playing at a close-to-middle distance with excellent backhand and forehand loops or hits.

butterfly liu shiwen zlf review

Match Suggestion

1)Offensive Version

Forehand: Butterfly D05, Andro Rasanter R50

Backhand: Goma XIOM Omega V Tour, Donic F1 Plus

2)Ordinary Version

Forehand: Tibhar Evolution MX-P, Donic Coppa JO Gold, Butterfly T05

Backhand: Donic F3, Tibhar Evolution FX-P, Yasaka Mark V AD,Andro Rasanter R37

butterfly liu shiwen zlf review


Through the playtest, I found that the blade has a relatively clear and soft feel. It has almost perfect speed under small and medium strength, and the blade can wrap the ball well with a longer dwell time and generate huge amounts of spin. Compared with W968 and Viscaria, it lacks sufficient top power at a far distance from the table.

But the speed and the quick transition of the mid-to-close stage are better than those of the 968 and Vis. If you are a female player with an offensive play style, then this blade definitely is a great choice for you.



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